BTS song that was released 5 years ago today

BTS song that was released 5 years ago today

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Released April 12, 2019

Melon exploded after the song was released

A song that began to bring fandom and popularity together

1. Pink boys

2. Wow, it’s been 5 years already?ㅠㅠ

3. Today I also listened to this song, I really like it

4. I miss Bangtan so much

5. I really like it, it makes me happy when I listen to it

6. It’s a perfect song for April. If I turn it up loud while driving and listen to it, it makes me feel great

7. I love listening to it while driving this season

8. I listen to it every day. The weather is wonderful these days. So refreshing!

9. I like this song the most among Bangtan’s songs

10. A true masterpiece

11. Among BTS songs, it seems like this is the most popular song along with Spring Day. When they sang this song on stage, everyone, including BTS and the fans, looked so happy

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