BTS Suga’s Military Service Update: What’s He Up To Nowadays?

Suga enlisted quietly in September 2023, and has been off the radar for a while now when it comes to active schedules. However, what’s the current status of the rapper?

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Read more below to find out what he’s up to nowadays!

BTS Suga Enlistment: Confirmation, Date Of Service, More

Suga’s military enlistment was first confirmed on August 7, when BIGHIT MUSIC revealed that the idol’s enlistment has been green-lit. The agency shared how the enlistment process for Suga had started and that his postponement has been cancelled.

BTS Suga

We would like to let everyone know that Suga has now started the process for his military enlistment,” BIGHIT MUSIC shared. “Further updates will be shared soon.”

It continued, “We kindly ask for your unconditional love and support for Suga until he returns from the military. We will do our best to support our artist.”

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On September 17, BIGHIT MUSIC finally revealed the official enlistment date for Suga. The agency shared that Suga would be enlisting on September 22, 2023, and remarked that the idol has now become the third BTS member to enter the military.

“Suga will start his military service on September 22 and there will be no official events on the day he enters the training camp. We request fans to refrain from visiting Suga on-site during his service. Please send your encouragement in your hearts instead.”

BIGHIT then instructed fans to avoid visiting the site on the day of his enlistment and warned them of unauthorized content that illegally utilizes the artist’s IP address. The agency announced that such misdeeds would receive legal action without leniency.

“Moreover, be aware of being affected by unauthorized content that illegally uses the IP address of our artists. We will take legal action against any commercial activity that illegally uses our artists’ intellectual property.”

BTS Suga’s Status: Idol Proceeds To Army Training, To Resume Alternative Service After Completion

On March 28, Dispatch released an exclusive report, detailing Suga’s arrival at the Nonsan Army Training Center. According to the platform, the idol will receive basic military training for three weeks, and after completing the endeavor, he will carry on with his alternative service.

BTS Suga's Military Service Update: What's He Up To Nowadays?
(Photo : Naver)
BTS Suga's Military Service Update: What's He Up To Nowadays?
(Photo : Naver)

BIGHIT MUSIC also released a brief statement regarding Suga’s status in the military, confirming Suga’s entrance to the recruit training center.

Suga first started working first under the pre-service system,” BIGHIT MUSIC shared. “He has now enlisted in the recruit training center today.”

BTS Suga's Military Service Update: What's He Up To Nowadays?
(Photo : Naver)

Korean media also provided insights regarding the pre-service. Sources state that through the system, an individual would start their service first before undergoing basic military training.

This is done by entering the army training center, which would be assigned by the Military Manpower Administration. Since Suga started his alternative service back in September 2023, the idol will resume his service after completing the military training.

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