BTS V and Song Ji Hyo boast perfect synchronized side profiles

BTS V and Song Ji Hyo surprised everyone on “Running Man” with their perfect synchronization

V guested on the September 10th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”.

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That day, V selected “Running Man” members who resembled him the most based on their side profiles and ranked them. Since V was a little nervous, the members comforted him, saying “Don’t be pressured”. They also commented, “Jihyo looks a little like V”.

bts v song ji hyo

As expected, V picked Song Ji Hyo for No.1. He then selected Kim Jong Kook for second place. 

Getting chosen, Kim Jong Kook happily shouted, “V picked me”. V also explained, “You look so handsome with that nose”. Hearing that, Jeon So Min expressed unfairness, saying “Ranking lower than him makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Next, Yoo Jae Suk was named for third place. V said, “I’m not looking at the front side, so please understand my choice”. He then selected Jeon So Mi, Haha, and Ji Seok Jin in order. Yang Se Chan eventually came in last.

Source: Daum