BTS V appears on “Tiny Desk Korea” on Sep 15th

BTS V will appear on “Tiny Desk Korea” and meet fans

BTS V, who returned with his first solo album “Layover” released on Sep 8th, will appear on the Sep 15th broadcast of “Tiny Desk Korea”. 3 years after appearing on the original “Tiny Desk” stage with BTS, V is raising listeners’ expectations by showing his face as a solo musician on “Tiny Desk Korea”.

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bts v tiny desk

V expressed his affection for his first solo album, which 100% reflects his taste and focuses solely on his “music”, “It’s an album that best represents me and resembles me.” In particular, V also delivered a message to fans, “ARMYs have been waiting for me a lot for a year. I’ll repay you with good spirit.”

bts v tiny desk

Expectations are high to see what kind of setlist V will fill the “Tiny Desk Korea” stage with. “Tiny Desk Korea”, where you can experience a stage combining V’s unique characteristics and emotions in a cozy and intimate atmosphere along with a band session, will be released on U+ Mobile TV and Tiny Desk Korea’s official YouTube channel at 10 AM on Sep 15th.

Source: Daum