BTS V Drops Bombshell Accusation Against IU — Here’s Why

In a recent episode of IU’s hit show “IU’s Palette,” BTS’s V found himself at the receiving end of some playful banter, as he hilariously “accused” IU of teasing him throughout their lively interaction.

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The episode, delayed in its release, finally became available to fans, showcasing the undeniable chemistry between the two K-Pop stars.

The Playful Accusation

Known for his mischievous nature, V, one of the youngest members of BTS, didn’t hesitate to call out IU for what he believed to be a bit of teasing.

Throughout the episode, IU and V engaged in heartwarming discussions about V’s new music, promotions, and even treated fans to a captivating duet. As the episode progressed, their camaraderie became increasingly evident.

One particularly memorable moment occurred during a discussion about song recommendations, a recurring theme on the show known as the “Color Switch.” IU, in an effort to keep things light, playfully suggested a cute pose for V to join her in.

However, V, seemingly skeptical, hesitated as he had seen IU perform a similar pose before. He couldn’t help but suspect that IU was teasing him.

IU, on the other hand, was convinced that she wasn’t teasing V, highlighting that previous BTS members who appeared on the show, including J-Hope and Suga, had also taken part in such playful antics.


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With a touch of her actress persona, IU humorously referenced Suga and J-Hope’s participation, coaxing V into embracing the adorable pose.

The result? An utterly heartwarming and endearing moment that left fans swooning. IU’s ability to put her guests at ease and engage in playful banter is a hallmark of her show.

As V soon discovers that his fellow BTS members didn’t partake in the same cute pose, fans can’t help but revel in the delightful exchange that unfolded during “IU’s Palette.” It’s safe to say that the episode was well worth the anticipation for ARMYs everywhere.

Meanwhile,In a recent In a deeply moving and heartfelt message, V BTS candidly shared his personal growth and reflections on the decade-long journey with ARMY and the BTS group.