BTS V explains his personality on ‘Running Man’, “I do everything slowly but often get frustrated”

BTS member V made an exclusive guest appearance on “Running Man”

The new episode of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, which aired on September 10th, showed BTS V re-appearing for the first time after seven years.

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bts v

Seeing V appear in a nice suit, “Running Man” members exclaimed, “He looks like a foreign actor”, “He’s younger than me but I’m a little nervous because he’s a world-class star”, etc. After expressing his affection for “Running Man” as a longtime fan, V shared, “I often watch the show so I prepared many casual clothes for this appearance, but the staff told me to dress like a rich man”.

V then picked Haha as the “Running Man” member he missed the most. The two then recreated a photo of their back hug scene on the show 7 years ago. Haha boasted, “This picture is very famous among ARMY”. V’s consideration also shone as he was seen taking care of Ji Seok Jin’s appearance on the camera. V secretly told Ji Seok Jin that his nose hair was sticking out so Ji Seok Jin turned around to fix it.

bts v

In addition, V introduced the title track “Slow Dancing” of his recently released solo album “Layover”. He explained, “I tend to do everything slowly. This song expresses my personality and tendencies very well”.

Yoo Jae Suk asked, “You are quite relaxed in your daily life, aren’t you?”. In response, V said, “I actually get frustrated more often than you might think. I’m not a quiet person but I explain things slowly”. Hearing that, “Running Man” jokingly said, “It’s still a little slow now”. V added, “I’m actually talking faster than usual. It’s 15 times faster than how I normally talk.”

Source: Daum