BTS V Gets Real On How He Challenged Himself for ARMYs in Whole New Way— Here’s What He Did

In a heartwarming and unexpected move, BTS recently embarked on a guerrilla performance adventure in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, showcasing his commitment to connecting with ARMYs in a whole new way.

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The surprising revelation comes through a video titled “V’s 20 second LIVE @ Gangneung,” uploaded on BTS’ official YouTube channel, “BANGTANTV” on September 21st.

BTS V’s Jaw-Dropping Guerrilla Performance: A Bold Move to Connect with ARMYs

The video provides a captivating behind-the-scenes look at V’s guerrilla performance, including his planning sessions with the staff, aimed at delivering a unique experience for fans.


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V, who recently released his first solo album “Layover,” has been making waves on music broadcasts and topping the music charts with his impressive results.

During the brainstorming sessions with his team, V expressed his desire to host a guerrilla show in a location that would leave people questioning, “Can anyone perform there?”.

After two extensive meetings, they settled on a jazz bar in Gangneung as the venue.

Following V’s plan, he donned a mask resembling a big teddy bear and roamed the streets, convincing passersby that it was a performance by a rookie singer.

You can watch it here:

Cautiously intrigued, visitors followed V to the jazz bar after he explained that such a unique experience couldn’t be encountered every day. For a nominal fee of 500 won (approximately $0.4), attendees gained entry one or two at a time.

At the guerrilla show, V performed his song “Love me again” from his album live for a mere 20 seconds before breaking into dance.

The curtain lifted, revealing V, leaving the citizens and students of Gangneung astonished, as they had no idea about the identity of the performer.

After the performance, attendees couldn’t help but wonder, “Is that V?”, “Is he truly a BTS member?”, “Is this the V I know?”. The mystery lingered long after the show ended.

Later in the video, V shared his motivation for orchestrating the guerrilla performance, explaining, “I wanted to approach ARMYs in a new way and challenge myself.”

BTS V’s Unique Fan Engagement Stirs Emotions as ARMYs Shower Him with Love


(Photo : twitter|@taeguide@)

As the video documenting this exceptional endeavor unfolded, fans couldn’t contain their emotions, flooding the comments section with heartfelt messages.

Read their comments below:

  • “Taehyung always finds ways to connect with ARMYs”
  • “I am proud of you V. You are great. And this mini concert was amazing. I hope if I was one of them then I will be so lucky army… purple you V.”
  • “Touching concept even waching it without the subs. So beautiful..thank you Tae. You’re a truly genuine artist. I’m so proud of you. Please subs soon thank you”
  • “This was so cute. Taehyung is one of a kind. Wholesome, happy, and fun. With a amazing voice.”
  • “How can I meet BTS on the streets of Gangneung like that?”
  • “Why am I not in Gangneung?”
  •  “My heart flutters just by watching this video. The challenge was amazing.”

V’s commitment to going the extra mile to engage with fans is undoubtedly one of the reasons why he remains a beloved figure in the world of K-Pop.