BTS V mentions his plan to resume acting activities, “I want to try thriller”

BTS V expressed his desire to act again and challenge a new genre

On September 12th, BTS member V, who recently made his solo debut with the album “Layover” on the 8th, guested on IU’s web music content “IU’s Palette”.

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Regarding his appearance on “IU’s Palette”, V said, “I received many requests from fans. Since I have many promotions ahead, I was worried! But IU told me she would create a legendary stage for me. That’s how I got to make an appearance on this program”.

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Regarding “Layover”, IU commented, “After I listened to your solo album, I thought, ‘He’s doing the music he wants to do. He’s doing what he can do best’”. V also shared, “There is a reason why I stuck with my own style for this album. This is my turning point. From starting point to turning point, then I reach the arrival point at the end. In order to do that, I think I should show them everything I got.”

bts v

As V used to act in the 2016 drama “Hwarang”, IU asked, “Do you have any plans for your acting career in the future?”. In response, V said, “I do. I want to try thriller”. 

He honestly confessed, “My thoughts on acting completely changed after I watched ‘The End of the Fucking World’. When people ask me, ‘Is there a role you want to play?’, I tell them this. I want to play characters like the protagonist of that work.”

Source: Daum