BTS V Mesmerizes Netizens with Jaw-Dropping “Smoke” Dance Challenge

BTS V stuns fans and netizens with his dance moves in the recent viral “Smoke” challenge

On September 13, BTS V took the internet by storm as he flaunted his impressive dance moves, teaming up with Bada Lee and GOF.

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The “Smoke” dance challenge, choreographed by Bada Lee on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”, has quickly gone viral online recently. And BTS V decided to join the trend.

What astounds fans is how V effortlessly shone with his moves even when dancing in between two pro dancers. Fans and netizens couldn’t contain their excitement, with comments pouring in such as:

  • “V never disappoints with his dance…”
  • “V’s dance moves are mesmerizing. I thought ‘Hype Boy’ was his best, but he nailed ‘Smoke.’”
  • “Even dancing next to professional dancers, he shines through with his attention to detail.”
  • “V’s dance skills are unmatched. His expression is truly unique.”
  • “V’s incredible.”
  • “V’s body control and subtlety when dancing is satisfying to watch. He ate this.”
  • “I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this. V always surprises me.”