BTS V Reveals True Emotions Behind THIS Text from Suga: ‘Never thought you would say something like…’

During a recent episode of Suchwita, BTS Suga and V reminisced about the challenging year of 2018 when the group faced uncertainty over contract renewals and their future.

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Here’s what went down.

V Reflects on the Profound Impact of Suga’s “I Love You” Message

Suga wrote “Tear,” a heartfelt song dedicated to his fellow members on the brink of a potential breakup. His message, “I love you,” had a lasting impact on V and Jungkook.

BTS V & Suga

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V, also known as Taehyung, opened up about the profound effect this thoughtful gesture had on him, especially in light of the difficult circumstances the group was facing.

“After seeing that, Jungkook and I found the will to continue,” V revealed, highlighting the pivotal role this message played in their determination to persevere.

What truly struck V was the fact that Suga, known for his reserved and stoic demeanor, had expressed such heartfelt sentiments.

“I never thought you would say something like that! But because you sent it, it felt really sincere. So it was really touching.”

This genuine display of affection from Suga served as a ray of hope during BTS’s trying times and provided them with the emotional fortitude to face the challenges ahead.

Suga, sharing his perspective, explained that the newfound energy ignited by that message not only carried them through the next two years but has remained a cherished memory that continues to inspire them to this very day.

BTS V Opens Up About Dark Phase: Contemplated Self-Harm Amidst Hectic Schedule

BTS V shared his struggles from the challenging year of 2018. He delved into a period of his life when he grappled with overwhelming negative thoughts and exhaustion due to the group’s hectic schedule.

You can watch it here:

During the heartfelt conversation, V disclosed that the relentless demands of BTS’s busy itinerary pushed him to consider self-harm as a means to find respite from the relentless grind.

It was a revelation that he had never shared before, and he chose to open up about it on Suchwita to offer fans insight into the difficulties the group faced during that tumultuous time.

“I have never said this before. It’s my first time telling this to fans through Suchwita because people don’t know why we were having such a hard time or why we were struggling so much. There’s no one who can understand.”


Suga, also known as Min Yoongi, chimed in to provide context, shedding light on the shared experiences of BTS during that challenging period.

 “At that time, everyone was so exhausted. Of course, we did our best, but there were moments when we felt burned out. When these moments hit Taehyung, we talked a lot about how burned out we were.”

— BTS Suga

The conversation between the two BTS members not only revealed the immense pressure and emotional toll of their skyrocketing fame but also emphasized the importance of supporting one another during trying times.