BTS V Rumored as the Enigma on Harper’s BAZAAR Korea—Truth or Hoax?

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Kim Taehyung, popularly known as V from the global sensation BTS, is rumored to be the featured cover star for the highly-anticipated February 2024 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea.

In an exclusive collaboration with the renowned fashion brand CELINE, the magazine tantalizingly released a sneak peek of the upcoming cover, scheduled for official unveiling on January 10.


(Photo : Twitter)

Unveiling the Mystery: A Glimpse of V’s Silver Persona

The teaser image, accompanied by the caption “Who’s Coming?,” presents a captivating silhouette of a silver-haired man, facing away with arms raised, adorned in a chic grey CELINE jacket paired with dark jeans.


(Photo : Twitter)BAZAAR NEW FACE

The deliberate concealment of the individual’s face adds an element of intrigue, leaving fans speculating about the mysterious cover star.

Connecting the Dots: Strong Indicators Point to V

While the identity of the cover star remains officially undisclosed, compelling clues strongly suggest that it is indeed V. The conspicuous use of the V emoji, coupled with Taehyung’s role as a brand ambassador for CELINE, echoes his distinctive style.

Further fueling speculation is his previous silver hair transformation and the endorsement by his longtime hairstylist, Mujin Choi, who shared the enigmatic photo on his Instagram Story.

A Prolific Solo Presence: V’s Cover Story Continues

If confirmed, this would mark Taehyung’s sixth solo cover appearance within a span of 15 months. The previous accolades include gracing the covers of prestigious publications such as Vogue Korea, ELLE Korea, W Korea, Arena Homme+ Korea, and POP Magazine.

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Netizens have expressed a variety of reactions to Harper’s BAZAAR Korea’s February 2024 issue, particularly in response to the featured content involving BTS’s V. 

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want to see you soon”
“It’s crazyㅠㅠㅠ”
“I want to see it soon”
“Wow wow wow”
“Looking forward to it”
“My heart is pounding ㅜㅠ I want to see you quickly”
“Wow, that’s awesome. I took this picture when my hair was longer than I thought.”
“You’re crazy, should I pay it right now?”
“Something big is coming, it’s crazy”
“I want to see it quickly”

As anticipation builds for the official release on January 10, fans and fashion enthusiasts alike eagerly await the revelation of V’s presence as the illustrious cover star for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea’s February 2024 issue.