BTS V wins “Running Man” race with excellent strategy and sense of entertainment

BTS member V achieved his dream of appearing on “Running Man”

The September 10th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” featured the guest appearance of BTS V.

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bts v running man

That day, V showed up in a fancy outfit and walked in on a red carpet amidst the loud cheers of “Running Man” members. V smiled brightly then confessed that he has been a big fan of “Running Man” for a long time, adding “I only watch this program when eating”.

bts v running man

That day, V’s first mission was to select members who looked like him the most based on their side profiles. V picked Song Ji Hyo for No.1 but surprised everyone by choosing Kim Jong Kook for No.2. As the members paired up for the next quiz, V was put on the same team as Ji Seok Jin. While Ji Seok Jin was happy, V shouted, “Wait a minute. My group (BTS)’s member Jin told me not to touch Ji Seok Jin”. He added, “I cannot join and break ‘Two Jin’ combination’”, then teamed up with Haha.

Using his experience of watching “Running Man”, V analyzed the members’ strengths perfectly and easily secured first place in the quiz. While others were pouring compliments for him, V took away their lands.

bts v running man

As the race progressed, V excellently protected his property and increased his coins by collecting taxes. In the soap bubble game, he showcased his body gags and made everyone laugh with his amazing entertainment sense. Later, V was bewildered to find out about Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan’s love line. He wondered, “Are you two really dating?”, making Jeon So Min hurriedly clarify, “We’re not dating”.

For the final mission, they were divided into thieves and farmers to play a mafia game. After an intense game, V was revealed as a thief, shocking everyone. Winning the victory, V shared, “I think I’ve achieved another item on my bucket list. ‘Running Man’ members are celebrities to me”.

Source: Daum