BTS V’s Furry Friend Yeontan Steals Hearts in His ‘M Countdown’ Premiere— History in the Making?

In the world of K-Pop, it’s not just the idols who captivate audiences; sometimes, it’s their furry friends who steal the spotlight.

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BTS V, loved by ARMYs worldwide, shares an unbreakable bond with his dog, Yeontan.

Yeontan, V’s Adorable Companion, Steals Hearts and Makes History with His Debut on Music Show

The heartwarming interactions between V and Yeontan have melted fans’ hearts, creating an enduring fan-favorite duo.


(Photo : twitter|@bts_bighit@)

BTS V's Furry Friend

(Photo : Mnet)

Recently, fans were in for a delightful surprise when Yeontan made his debut on the music show “M Countdown.” The excitement was palpable as netizens couldn’t contain their joy at seeing Yeontan take the stage.

What makes this appearance even more special is that Yeontan might have made history in the world of K-Pop. The little pup’s music show debut marked a milestone as the first-ever pet performance fancam.

V, always considerate of ARMYs, had previously explained the need for quiet to avoid startling his furry friend.

In the fancam video, Yeontan effortlessly proved that he possesses true star quality. With charisma and charm, he worked the camera like a seasoned performer, capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide.

You can watch it here:

When the video was shared, it became evident that Yeontan had transcended the status of a regular pet.

He made history as the first K-Pop idol to have his own performance fancam, solidifying his place in the hearts of fans and earning his spot among the top 5th-generation idols.

While Yeontan blazed a trail as the first K-Pop pet to star in a performance fancam, it’s worth noting that HYBE, the entertainment powerhouse behind BTS, continues to create stars in unconventional ways.

TXT’s Soobin’s hedgehog, Odi, previously made waves as the first pet to have a “fancam” shared on Mnet’s social media platform.

BTS V’s ‘Layover’ Makes History as First K-Pop Soloist Album to Hit 100 Million Streams in One Week on Spotify

His debut solo album, “Layover,” has smashed records with over 100 million streams on Spotify within its first week of release.


(Photo : twitter|@bts_bighit@)

The album’s six captivating tracks collectively garnered a staggering 101.4 million streams during its debut week, setting a new standard for Korean soloists on the global streaming platform.

V’s “Layover” has now secured its place in history as the first K-pop soloist album to achieve this remarkable feat on Spotify.

Prior to this milestone, “Layover” achieved phenomenal sales figures, totaling 2,101,974 copies in its first week. This accomplishment officially crowned V’s album as the best-selling solo artist album in Hanteo Chart’s history.


(Photo : twitter|@bts_bighit@)

The album set records from its release, boasting the highest first-day sales volume for a solo artist album and the highest sales volume in the entire first week.

Furthermore, V’s achievement of ‘Double Million Seller’ status, becoming the first solo artist to do so in 23 years since Jo Sung-mo’s “Let Me Love” in 2000, adds to his impressive accolades.

V shared his artistic vision for “Layover,” emphasizing a stripped-down approach to showcase his natural artistry. He expressed that the album encapsulates everything he loves and excels at.

V’s groundbreaking success as a solo artist in the world of K-pop continues to astound the industry. With “Layover,” he has solidified his status as a trailblazer, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future achievements.