BTS V’s Guerilla Concert In Gangneun Behind Video Released

On July 11th, BTS’s official YouTube channel “BANGTAN TV” uploaded a new video titled “V’s 20-Second Live in Gangneung”.

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In September last year, V disguised himself as an unknown singer in Gangneung and presented surprise performances in front of some audiences after inviting them by wearing a doll mask. He did a guerrilla concert where he sang live for 20 seconds.

On the KTX train heading to Gangneung, V asked, “But do you not need a ticket for a train like this?”, expressing his curiosity as he had not taken the train for a long time. After the train departed, he shared, “It’s been so long since I’ve been on a train. It’s going slow. Does it usually go this slow?”.

bts v

After enjoying his time watching the scenery outside the window, V arrived at a jazz bar in Gangneung. He actively expressed his opinions about the guerilla event, from planning and decorating the stage, with the content production team. After taking care of the bear as it played the most important role of inviting the audience, V could not hide his excitement and nervousness worrying that there might be no audience.

Finding out that it was more difficult to find customers than he thought, V smiled and said, “We came all the way to Gangneung on a train”, adding “My initial was ‘Let’s do it as a surprise so we catch people off guard’, but it ended up with me being the only one surprised by a no-show”.

bts v

Later, many people, including students and couples, visited the jazz bar that day. They were all surprised when V appeared in front of them as they all thought it was a performance by a new singer. V performed his solo songs “Slow Dancing” and “Love Me Again” live perfectly.

After the guerilla concert, V stopped by a market in Gangneung to eat hotteok. Embarrassed when the owner of the hotteok store said, “You’re a celebrity!”, V replied, “No I’m not”. Thanks to the lively atmosphere in the market, V smiled happily and had a great time.

The hotteok store and bread shops in Gangneung’s central market that V visited have emerged as attractions for fans.