BTS V’s Surprising Gesture Towards Jeon So Min Ignites Speculation— Is There a Hidden Romance?

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In a recent episode of the popular variety show “Running Man,” BTS’s V, known for his endearing and gentlemanly demeanor, once again stole the spotlight with his considerate actions. The episode not only left fans laughing but also appreciating V’s charming character.

During a bonus clip from the show, a penalty game involving cream awaited those who did not emerge victorious.Among the contestants, Jeon So Min was the sole female member present. As the cast members prepared for the impending challenge, V inquired about the rules and objectives of the game.

A Heartwarming Surprise: Kindness Towards So Min

Unexpectedly, even though he had secured a chance to evade the penalty, V selflessly offered to take So Min’s place instead.

This act of chivalry left everyone in awe, and the cast couldn’t help but express their admiration for V’s unexpected but gallant decision. So Min, visibly flustered, graciously vacated her seat.

Fortunately, V managed to avoid getting splattered with cream, but it was the significance behind his gesture that captured the hearts of ARMYs and netizens alike.

When the video clip surfaced online, fans couldn’t contain their admiration for V’s kindness and chivalry. Many noted how his small but thoughtful act spoke volumes about his character.

It was particularly heartwarming for fans to witness someone being so considerate towards So Min, especially given her usual involvement in the penalties.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “such a gentlema i love him so muchhhhhh oh my dayssss”
  • “She was so moved by him doing that. He’s such a sweet humble gentleman.”
  • “It was refreshing to see something like this happening to Somin, girl is soo used to penalties he have no idea lol Taehyung is awesome.”
  • “craving for a man who knows how to treat women like this always praying for your happiness, taehyung-ah”
  • “Taehyung is really low key when helping people. He’ll make it seem like the other person is doing him a favor (“I want to try it”) but in reality it’s the other way around “
  • “How come this pretty boy has both pretty voice and pretty heart?” I’m not saying he’s perfect but there is nothing to hate on this guy.”

V’s actions, though seemingly simple, reaffirmed his reputation as a true gentleman. While some might interpret his decision as a mere desire to participate.

The fact that he chose to stand in for So Min, rather than his male counterparts, resonated deeply with fans. It’s no surprise that V’s behavior continues to earn him accolades for his consistently gentlemanly demeanor.

Meanwhile,In the world of K-pop, the spotlight is once again shining on BTS’ V, who has recently ignited a fervor among fans with a teaser for his upcoming solo music video, “Slow Dancing.”