BTS’s Jimin chose as the ‘K-Pop Representative Performer’

BTS’s Jimin Shines as the Unrivaled Dance Prodigy, Garnering Attention as the ‘K-Pop Representative Performer’

Recently, a Hallyu media outlet praised Jimin, a member of BTS, stating that he is known for delivering impressive performances on stage and that his powerful dance skills always give joy to viewers. They also highlighted his ability to create various atmospheres while dancing and released a list of ‘Jimin’s 5 Best Dance Styles,’ as chosen by netizens.

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bts jimin

First and foremost, Jimin’s ‘powerful choreography’ was brought to attention, particularly his robust and precise dance skills seen in songs like ‘Fire’ and ‘Idol.’ His performance of ‘Run BTS,’ which garnered attention when unveiled at last year’s Busan concert, and his solo track ‘Set Me Free pt.2’ were also mentioned in this category.

Next, they highlighted Jimin’s ability to convey a ‘lively and slightly lighter atmosphere’ with his dances, which is evident in songs like ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Permission To Dance,’ and ‘Boy with Luv.’ His dances in these songs are characterized by their soft yet vibrant movements.

bts jimin

The third category showcased Jimin’s ‘sophisticated and elegant contemporary dance,’ especially the performance of ‘Black Swan’ and his year-end stage. Jimin’s contemporary dance style, influenced by his enrollment in the dance program at Busan High School, is distinct and exceptional enough to receive praise from dance experts.

The fourth category demonstrated Jimin’s ‘dynamic control’ in his dance moves. Examples included his puppet-like movements in ‘Fake Love,’ where he appears to collapse like a marionette, and his body control showcased in the performance of ‘Mic Drop,’ where he seems to be hit and thrown backward as if shot. His exceptional body control was also evident in his solo track ‘Like Crazy.’

bts jimin

Lastly, they introduced Jimin’s dances that encompass ‘flexibility and core strength,’ highlighting the high-level difficulty of moves like the 360-degree rotation in ‘Serendipity’ and his impressive wave skills displayed in ‘Intro: Boy Meets Evil’ and ‘Set Me Free pt.2.’

Jimin has carved out his unique dance genre through various dance styles, and he is widely praised for elevating K-pop dance to the realm of art. He is defined as the ‘Dance God’ and ‘Dance King’ on the Urban Dictionary, and he is considered one of the leading dancers representing K-pop, with numerous victories in dance-related polls, having been crowned 17 times as the champion.

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