BTS’s Jin “I Treated My Comrades to a Lot of Meals, They Called Me ‘God'”

On July 10th, Weverse Magazine released an interview with Jin following his discharge from the military.

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Jin shared, “It feels like I’m just on leave and have to get back to base. It still doesn’t feel like I’m really out yet. I still feel sleepy around 10 or 11 at night, but I have to get back on my work schedule, so sometimes I go to bed late, or wake up at five in the morning. It seems like I’m readjusting pretty quickly. It’s been around eight days since I got out and I’ve been working every day except one.”

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When asked “You must have been a great senior soldier because apparently, one of the juniors was crying his eyes out“, Jin explained, “People don’t always cry, obviously, but they do when the good seniors leave. For me, it was less about being a good senior but more because I was popular. (laughs)” He credited his popularity to treating his comrades and juniors to meals.

Jin said, “I spent my military pay and then some buying food for everybody. (laughs) A lot of them were just turning 19 and never even had a job before, but I’m a lot more financially stable, so I’d say ‘You gotta eat well to stay healthy. Come on, I’ll treat you’ and pay for their food. I bought them so much fried chicken, jokbal, and pizza, that later on they got sick of them. I even took people from other barracks out to have barbecue. Sometimes the guys would joke around and say, ‘Sergeant Kim, did you do anything other than sleep today?’ And then I’d say, ‘What barracks are you from? I was gonna buy you dinner tonight, but not anymore. You’re not coming with me!’ Then they’d say, ‘Sorry, sir!’ We just goofed around like that, and I’d buy them all dinner anyways. (laughs) That made people in my squad call me a god, not to brag. As soon as they saw me, they’d say, ‘Worship him!’ (laughs)” Jin’s story brought laughter. He also expressed gratitude, mentioning that his comrades and juniors treated him well in return.

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Meanwhile, Jin was the first BTS member to complete his military service, finishing on June 12th, and has been actively working since his discharge. The day after his discharge, he attended the “2024 FESTA” to meet fans and is set to appear on MBC’s variety show “Half-Star Hotel in Lost Island”. Additionally, he has been selected as a torchbearer for the Paris Olympics and will soon depart for France.