BTS’s Jin Talks About Free Hug Event, “I Originally Wanted To Do It With 3000 Fans”

On June 12th, BTS’s Jin turned on a live broadcast to communicate with fans and express his feelings after getting discharged from the military.

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Jin was discharged after serving at the Army Infantry Division 5 in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do. All BTS members except for Suga came to Jin’s boot camp to congratulate their eldest brother on his discharge.

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Tomorrow (June 13th), Jin will attend the 2024 FESTA event held at Seoul Sports Complex and meet fans in person. The event will be carried out in two parts. In the first part, Jin will hold a free hug event for 1000 lucky fans.

In this regard, Jin explained, “Around October to November last year, I went to the company to discuss my schedule after discharge. It was related to the FESTA event. The company already planned it but I came up with the idea that I wanted to hold a free hug event for fans. The company rejected it at first”. Jin initiated the idea of a free hug event outdoors but the company didn’t agree considering several risks.

He continued, “I wanted to hug as many fans as possible who have waited for me. The company staff stopped me from adding the free hug event because they were worried that I might get hurt due to the crowd. However, I kept insisting on doing that for a month. I still wanted to do it outdoors until April, but later thought it would be better to do it indoors. In the end, we decided to proceed with the plan”, adding “At first, I wanted to meet about 3000 fans, but after discussion, we decided to do it with only 1000 fans. It was the company’s consideration that I might get tired”.