BTS’s Jungkook releases fan song while serving in the military “I worked on it while thinking about ARMY from the beginning”

On June 7th, Jungkook posted on the global fandom life platform Weverse, “Did you receive the song gift well, ARMY? I hope you like it.

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At 1 PM (KST) that day, Jungkook released his digital single “Never Let Go”. The song is an English track based on house rhythms, conveying Jungkook’s feelings towards ARMY (fandom name). He participated in the songwriting and composition, delivering a message to “never let go of each other’s hands”.


Jungkook shared, “I worked on it while thinking about you (ARMY) from the beginning. Actually, it’s a song I wanted to show along with a house genre dance, but due to lack of time, I couldn’t proceed with it. It’s a pity. If I could turn back time, I would have somehow filmed it.”

Reflecting on the group’s 11th debut anniversary, Jungkook expressed, “It’s already been 11 years. Thank you for always being by our side, and I hope you always stay healthy and safe. It’s very hot during the summer, so take care of yourselves. Goodbye for now.

Jungkook’s digital single “Never Let Go” is part of the “2024 FESTA” celebrations. FESTA is an annual event where BTS celebrates their debut anniversary (June 13th) with fans, releasing special songs each year. Following previous group songs like “So 4 More” (2014) and “Take Two” (2023), this year’s celebration includes Jungkook’s fan song.