Byeon Woo Seok Marks Dual Achievement In Drama and Non-Drama Charts

The Lovely Runner male lead has secured the top spot in both drama and non-drama categories, according to Good Data Corporation, a K-content online competitiveness analysis agency.

Their survey on the topicality of TV-OTT performers for the fourth week of May revealed that Byeon Woo Seok achieved a feat not seen in the past decade of Good Data’s research.

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The actor earned first place in the drama category with 29,672 points for his role in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama Lovely Runner. He also led the non-drama category with 4,799 points for his appearance on the entertainment show You Quiz on the Block, totaling 34,471 points. This combined score represented 12.3% of the topicality scores for all drama and non-drama actors for the 3rd week of May.

In addition to his individual popularity, the aforementioned shows also ranked first in their respective categories. This dual achievement marks a unique record in Good Data’s history.

Data PD Won Soon-woo of Good Data highlighted that while ‘You Quiz on the Block’ has produced 14 most-talked-about performers over the past year, it has only ranked first in the program category twice, including this week. This underscores Byeon’s significant impact as a current top issue maker.

The survey, part of Good Data Corporation’s official platform FUNdex, covered TV dramas and OTT original dramas broadcast or scheduled for release from May 20th to May 26th, and included performers from each program. The analysis factored in news articles, netizen comments, video clips, and social media reactions, with a 97% accuracy rate after filtering out irrelevant and manipulated data.