Byeon Woo Seok’s Alleged Sister’s Photo Leaks — ‘She’s Really Beautiful’

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 Actor Byeon Woo Seok, best known for his role as Ryu Sunjae in the hit tvN K-Drama “Lovely Runner,” has become a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment industry.

Despite the conclusion of the drama series, his popularity continues to skyrocket among fans and the general public alike.
As Byeon Woo Seok gains more fans, many have begun to delve into his previous works.

Notably, his portrayal of Ryu Shi Oh in JTBC’s “Strong Girl Nam-Soon” has resurfaced, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

The stark contrast between Ryu Shi Oh and Ryu Sunjae highlights Byeon Woo Seok’s ability to embody diverse characters, further cementing his reputation as a talented performer.

His increasing fame has also brought attention to his former project, the movie “Soulmate,” which is now being considered for a re-release. This renewed interest in his past roles demonstrates the strong impact he has made on the entertainment industry.

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Amidst the growing curiosity about Byeon Woo Seok, fans have also shown interest in his family, particularly his sister. A photo allegedly of his sister has gone viral online, sparking discussions and admiration.

The image, published by media outlet Nocutnews, features a flight attendant with the caption, “A380 cabin crew Byeon Hyun Jin introduces the duty-free display.”

Netizens quickly noticed the striking resemblance between Byeon Woo Seok and his sister, with many commenting on their similar features and height.


Here’s what fans are saying:

  • “Byeon Woo Seok and his sister are like doppelgängers, even the dimple is the same.”
  •  “That’s his sister? She’s really beautiful.”
  •  “They really look alike…”
  • ‘Their faces are so similar, and like Byun Woo Seok, his sister has a small face and looks tall too, amazing genes..”
  • ”They look so similar lol they are such beautiful siblings”

In a previous interview, Byeon Woo Seok revealed that his older sister worked as a model before transitioning to a career as a flight attendant. Reflecting on his own journey, he shared:

“During my school days, my older sister worked as a model. Seeing that, I also wanted to give it a try. I am someone who tries anything that I like or want to do. But my parents were against modeling and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be okay to try it after going to college?’. So, I gave up on it. My dream was to become a pilot up until high school.”

Byeon Woo Seok first stepped into the spotlight as a model in 2014 before making his acting debut in 2016. His breakthrough came in 2020 with a lead role in the K-Drama “Record of Youth.”

His talent and hard work were recognized in 2022 when he won the Best New Actor award. His portrayal of Ryu Sunjae in “Lovely Runner” has only solidified his status as a rising star in the Korean entertainment scene.