Byun Woo-seok: “I Learned a Lot from Kim Hye-yoon”

On June 10, tvN drama released a video titled, “Ask the ‘Lovely Runner‘ Cast Anything. From behind-the-scenes stories to their characters and letters to the fans! The very last greeting.”

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In the video, Byun Woo-seok was asked about his most memorable moment as the male lead Seon-jae. He recalled, “There was a time we had to go into the water on a really cold day. I can never forget the scene we shot at Juyang Reservoir.”

byun woo seok-kim hye yoon

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-yoon chose the ending of episode 2 as her favorite ending scene of her character – female lead Im Sol. She explained, “All the endings were shocking, but among them, the fact that Seon-jae liked Sol first was memorable. Even though I knew what was happening, I was still surprised.”

When asked which age he preferred for his character—19, 20, or 34 years old—Byun Woo-seok humorously responded, “19-year-old Seon-jae, 20-year-old Seon-jae, and 34-year-old Seon-jae are all the same to me, so I can’t choose. It was an impossible question.”

Later, When asked about Sol’s most admirable trait, Kim Hye-yoon said, “What I want to learn and emulate the most from Sol is her ability to always get back on her feet cheerfully, no matter what happens. I am not like that, so I want to learn and be like her.”

byun woo seok-kim hye yoon

At that moment, Lee Seung-hyub praised Kim Hye-yoon, saying, “Isn’t that true in reality as well? I think it’s amazing how you always take care of others first and stay bright, even when things are tough. I want to learn from that.”

Kim Hye-yoon then asked for a compliment from Song Geon-hee, who said, “I am really grateful to have an actor who does their best in every moment on set.” Byun Woo-seok also added, “I learned a lot from seeing how she always does her best and takes care of others on set,” creating a warm atmosphere.

Source: Daum