Can Park Seo-joon Be Considered A Handsome Actor?

A netizen shared some screenshots of actor Park Seo-joon with his bare face under the title “I really don’t know why people say Park Seo-joon is handsome…”, drawing keen attention in Nate Pann.

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park seo-joon

The post’s author commented, “Looking at Park Seo-joon, I’ve never had the thought that he’s handsome. Of course, he’s more good-looking than ordinary people, but looking better than ordinary people and looking handsome are different… Honestly, he and Lim Young-woong are on the same level in my eyes. Aren’t they weird, my eyes…?”.

In response, other netizens commented:

  • He’s uglier than other actors on average but his acting flutters viewers’ hearts + His height, body proportions and visual in suits are amazing + It’s a combination of receiving a good character and having luck. Don’t people tend to think the actors are handsome if they’re famous? Actors get the aura of their characters. Many people think Ryu Jun-yeol is handsome after watching ‘Reply 1988’ though… But I do think the standards of being handsome for Korean actors have lowered since Park Seo-joon became famous
  • I think he looks good because he receives good roles in each drama (like the vibe of a male friend in ‘Fight For My Way’, or the aura of a successful businessman in ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’) He looked good in the past, but at some point, he just got old and became uglier
  • Don’t actors look handsome because they benefit from the aura of their acting and their characters? If you look at Kang Dong-won, Wonbin, Go Soo and Jung Woo-sung and the actors in their generation, no one can be considered handsome except for one or two
  • He’s more like a handsome guy rather than a handsome actor. But if you compare him to Lim Young-woong, it’s a little bit…ㅋㅋ
  • The comparison with Lim Young-woong is too much, but I can’t see anything handsome about him either

Source: Nate Pann