Captivating the King Episode 13 Recap and Review: The King Plans His Revenge Perfectly

Captivating the King Episode 13 Recap and Review: Famous director, Jo Nam-gook known for his top hit series The Good Detective is back with a historical romance drama with a spoonful of twists and turns, Starring top-notch actors like Jo Jung-suk, Shin Sae-kyeong, and Lee Shin-young, Captivating the King (세작, 매혹된 자들) has all the fun and spice in it to make the viewers sit back and watch throughout. Both Netflix and TV are distributing the series, meaning its potential is global.

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The three main roles are done by Jo Jung-suk as Lee In, Shin Sae-kyeong as Kang Hee-soo/ Kang Mong-woo and Lee Shin-young as Kim Myung-ha. Jo Jung-suk’s previous hit was Hospital Playlist (2020 – 2021), Shin Sae-kyeong’s last venture was Run On (2020 – 2021) and Lee Shin-young was last seen in CEO-dol Mart (2023).

– Captivating the King Episode 13 Review Contains Spoilers –

Captivating the King Plot

Lee In is a prince with a caring older brother, King Lee Sun. Pledging loyalty to his brother, Lee In is taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately, King Lee Sun misinterprets this loyalty as betrayal, leading to a strained relationship. Lee In suffers emotionally due to his brother’s resentment.

During his time as a hostage, Lee In encounters an unknown baduk player who captivates him with her skills. Eventually, circumstances unfold, and Lee In ascends to the throne as the king. Despite holding a powerful position, he grapples with internal sadness and vulnerability.

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A still from the series “Captivating the King”

Kang Hee-soo, previously known as a skilled but unknown baduk player, crosses paths with Prince Lee In and falls in love with him. However, fate takes a twist as she becomes a spy with a mission for revenge. Her journey involves approaching King Lee In, adding complexities to their intertwined destinies.

Captivating the King Episode 13 Recap

Hee-soo’s actions make the King understand about the real reason behind their meeting. Hee-soo asks whether the King was aware of the assassination plan and he tells her that he knew that’s why she returned to the palace after three years. Just then, Dal-ha launches with the knife but Hee-soo saves the King and gets stabbed. Sang-hwa arrests Dal-ha and locks him up in a room while the King carries the bloody body of Hee-soo and controls her bleeding.

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A still from the series “Captivating the King”

Sang-hwa finds out that the Mong-woo he thought is a woman and tells the King that she has done treason but the King commands Sang-hwa to bring the royal physician along with a woman. Meanwhile, at the palace, the Queen Dowager calls in the court lady and sweet talks with but the latter laughs. She then recalls the past where Queen Dowager manipulated the young court lady to serve the King (Lee In’s later brother) despite the fact knowing she is in love with Lee In. Queen Dowager has promised the court lady that she’d serve as Lee In’s concubine.

The court lady recalls it and says that if that happens maybe she’ll think about listening to the Queen Dowager. On her way out she sees the royal physician rushing with the troop and thinks something has happened to the King. The royal physician with his assistant serves Hee-sooo and reveals to the King that Hee-soo is Kim Je-nam’s relative. They summon Inspector General Je-nam and learn from him that initially they had the plan of killing the King but as soon as they saw that things weren’t the way they assumed, they dropped it.

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A still from the series “Captivating the King”

The King believes Je-nam but Sang-hwa gets annoyed. However, when Je-nam reveals that Hee-soo is Sang-hoon’s daughter, they both get shocked because he is Lee In’s master who was sent as a traitor on behalf of the late King. This makes the King and Sang-hwa understand why Hee-soo would have planned the crime. Back at the palace, all the officials plan to find a new Queen and wish the exile of the Crown Prince (some do not wish that though).

Meanwhile, the court lady rewards the female physician and learns the truth about Mong-woo. Hee-soo recovers and the King meets her. Over there she tells that she overheard his and the principal director’s conversation about the Crown Prince. They both clear out the misunderstandings and he also reveals that her father is alive. Then the King meets Dal-ha and together they prepare a plan to bring down the Principal Director because apparently it is he who truly sent Dal-ha as a spy so that the late King would have been executed so that Lee In could have ascended.

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A still from the series “Captivating the King”

Captivating the King Episode 13 Review

As we’re nearing the end of the show, we’re introduced to the real villain of the series that is the Principal Director. He is the mastermind behind all the chaos and his partner in crime in the Queen Dowager. It is sad to see how a mother wanted her second son to lead the nation and so sacrificed her eldest dumb one. Sadly the brothers were fond of each other but they ensured a rage started between them so it’ll be easy to split them up.

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Seems like the Principal Director is the one who advised the late King to send a spy. Moreover, the principal director would have also been the one who’d have told the Qing dynasty about an incoming spy. Basically, the spy move was to spoil the late King’s reputation and execute him so they could ascend Lee In to the throne. Was it truly out of affection? Absolutely not! They simply wanted Lee In to ascend so they could use his kind spirit and misuse the power. But man o man, he definitely had other ideas.

After seeing all the dirty tricks of the palace, he became a cold man and simply condemned everyone who came in his way. Now that Hee-soo’s beside him, he finally is finding a way to end all the chaos to protect his nation once and for all.

Captivating the King is streaming on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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