‘Celebrity,’ ‘A Time Called You,’ More Netflix K-Dramas To Not Produce Season 2

Netflix’s “Celebrity,” “A Time Called You,” and more K-dramas have been reported not to renew for new seasons. 

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While local and international fans are thrilled about the forthcoming sequels of the famous series “All of Us Are Dead,” “Squid Game,” “Sweet Home,” and “Hellbound,” other known Netflix original dramas will no longer be released with new seasons.

It has been said that these dramas have been canceled by the online streaming platform.


'Celebrity' Poster
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)
Park Gyu Young

Starring Park Gyu Young and Kang Min Hyuk, this series is filled with several celebrity cameos from idols to actors.

“Celebrity” features the reality of the competitive and glamorous life of influencers and celebrities.

The story focuses on Seo Ah Ri, who enters the world of entertainment where fame brings riches and experiences a whirlwind of events. She achieves social media stardom overnight but needs to face the consequences that await in the gilded world of influencers. 

According to a source, season 2 is impossible as the main protagonists Park Gyu Young and Kang Min Hyuk, who made explosive chemistry on screen won’t rejoin the project.

‘A Time Called You’

A Time Called You
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

This nerve-wracking yet beautifully written masterpiece received praise from other viewers. 

Despite jumping from another year to another, “A Time Called You” captivated the audience’s interest for its script and well-chosen actors Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Kang Hoon, who brought the characters to life. 

Since the time-travel romance is already complete during Season 1, Netflix will no longer renew the project.  

“A Time Called You” follows the story of a grieving woman who magically travels through time to 1998. From there, she meets a man who looks exactly like her former boyfriend. 

‘Mask Girl’

'Mask Girl' Stills
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)

Indeed, this series became a hot topic online as it opened the public about the beauty standards in Korea.

“Mask Girl” revolves around an office worker who is insecure about her appearance and becomes a masked internet personality by night, until a chain of unexpected events overtakes her life.

Unfortunately, “Mask Girl” Season 2 is already impossible to happen as veteran actress Go Hyun Jung won’t return to reprise her role.

‘The Sound of Magic’

'The Sound of Magic' Stills
(Photo : Netflix Korea)
Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook played the role of Ri Eul in this K-drama.

Despite his unconventional transformation as a magician in “The Sound of Magic,” it has been said that the actor will no longer return to play the character, which is why the drama will remain only have Season 1.

“The Sound of Magic” tells the story of a magician living in an abandoned theme park who causes trouble and meets a teenager who is enduring the harsh reality. 

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