Cha Eun Woo’s Top 5 Looks That You Shouldn’t Miss in “Wonderful World”

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Cha Eun Woo is sparking conversations online with his role as Kwon Seonyul in the new Korean drama series, Wonderful World for a lot of good reasons.

His new character screams total versatility, and the fans are loving it! Fully ditching his signature polished prince charm and clean-cut heartthrob roles, Cha Eun Woo now embodies a gritty, layered persona in Wonderful World.

Let’s explore a side of this Korean heartthrob that’s both mysterious and magnetic, and dive into his top 5 broody looks and style evolution as seen in the first six episodes of this K-drama!

The Hottie Car Mechanic

Who says hanging around the junkyard while waiting for your car to get fixed is boring? With a car mechanic as hot as Kwon Seonyul, you’d probably want to stay there forever.

Rocking a black shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a white towel draped around his neck, a dirty helmet, working gloves, and the upper part of his blue work overalls wrapped around his waist, Cha Eun wWoo looks the part pretty well.

Mr. Gray

Far from the usual light palette seen in the previous roles Cha Eunwoo played, Seonyul’s outfits are mostly of dark and muted colors, which helps viewers understand him better.

Donning a plain gray shirt and black denim pants, he shows how easily he could get down and dirty if need be.

The Street Swagger

Wherever Seonyul goes, trouble seems to follow suit – but he still manages to pull off a nifty appearance.

Wearing a plain outfit and color combination of his choice, even pairing a polo shirt with cargo pants, Seonyul looks good despite the seemingly bizarre mix-n-match! It’s giving ‘IDC’, but it works really well.

Mr. Pretty Undone

Feeling stressed, defeated, or tired? Just see how cool Kwon Seonyul looks after blowing off steam, then let’s talk.

Wearing a white shirt and a blue towel draped over his shoulder, plus the oh-so-sweaty hair, then gives you a glance like that? Your worries? Gone. Yourself? Melted.

The Unguarded Bruiser

Covered up or not, nothing screams hotness overload than Kwon Seonyul’s bruised and laid-back look. Featuring our troublemaker in a black tank top layered with an unbuttoned
long-sleeved checkered polo, he’s truly capable of swooning you over. That tank top alone serves him so well. *wink*

Catch more of Cha Eunwoo’s looks as Kwon Seonyul on Wonderful World, streaming exclusively on Disney+, with new episodes every Friday and Saturday.

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