Chaessi Pyolgugi Episode 3: MONSTA X Hyungwon SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Healing Vacation Goes Adorably Awry

Starring Chae Hyungwon aka MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and special guest Yoon Jeonghan aka SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, the recently released episode of the former’s healing variety show, i.e. Chaessi Pyolgugi Episode 3 (or Chaessi Pyolyugi), made room for its first guest star ever!

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This has been a highly anticipated reunion in the making, as for months now, the SEVENTEEN member has teased the fans about his endearing friendship with the MONSTA X member, calling him his “boy crush”. And while K-pop fans have been blessed to see their favourites together in a few dance challenge videos before (Jeonghan dancing along to Shownu-Hyungwon’s Love Me a Little and Hyungwon dancing to Super with SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and DK), it’s an even bigger treat to have them sharing the screen for this new series, showcasing their bromance in a new light.

Chaessi Pyolgugi Episode 3: Hyungwon and Jeonghan Vaeriety Show

Releasing on September 15, 2023, the third episode saw MONSTA X Hyungwon welcome and pick up SEVENTEEN Jeonghan from the HYBE building as they then went on to spend a good duration of time being vulnerable with each other and diving into profound talks about life. The video first captures the two having been caught up in a “disaster caused by SEVENTEEN Jeonghan”, and while he can be heard chuckling in deep thought, Hyungwon simply dissolves into an identity crisis on being posed with a challenge that possibly stirred up his memories of an old misfortunate instance from his rookie days.

Although Episode 3 doesn’t see their whole interaction unravel in its entirety, the same is expected to return and continue in the next episode as well, when their adventurous journey of camping together will be covered fully. So what really happened? A bungee jumping challenge, that’s what. Old fans of MONSTA X will recall that the group had to face a similar haunting sight from a great height during the shoot of their variety series Right Now, and since not all members got to take the plunge back then while the others stayed back and enjoyed their narrow escape from the activity, it looks like karma has struck back to swallow Hyungwon for that failed opportunity again.

For most of the episode, the much-loved duo’s conversations assume a laid-back stance with both of them spelling out the importance of the other in their lives. Their shy and friendly banter has once again caught the hearts of the fans who’ve been left wanting more such collaborations between the two. Many such fans even took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their heartfelt joy at seeing the two together and them being such close friends.

Both of their giggles and deep talks filled the episode as well as the void in fans’ (and ours) hearts. Plus, one can never go wrong with Jeonghan’s mischievous personality, and with him conjuring up trouble for Hyungwon, nothing else could make us laugh out loud in cold sweat more than this.

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Mr Chae The Castaway Episode 4 will stream on YouTube on September 22, 2023, at 7 PM KST, and will continue with Jeonghan and Hyungwon”s adventures together.

Are you watching the new Hyungwon variety show on YouTube? What do you think of the two K-pop idols’ camaraderie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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