Chaeyeon Reveals Unexpected Relationship With SEVENTEEN Dino: ‘We have the same…’

In a radio show, former IZ*ONE Chaeyeon revealed her unexpected connection with his senior idol, SEVENTEEN Dino!

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What’s their relationship?

Lee Chaeyeon Shares Anecdote With SEVENTEEN Dino: ‘We have the same ancestor’

In a radio broadcast, Chaeyeon unveiled behind-the-scenes of the viral dance challenges she did with SEVENTEEN Dino.

On September 11, the former IZ*ONE-turned-soloist appeared as a guest on KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Eunji’s Gayo Plaza.” There, the idol introduced her first single album, “The Move: Street,” released on the 6th, along with the title track, “LET’S DANCE.”

Chaeyeon Reveals Unexpected Relationship With SEVENTEEN Dino: 'We have the same...'

(Photo : Lee Chaeyeon (Xsports News))

Currently, the dance song that combines the Moombahton and House genres has been gaining attention for its fun TikTok dance challenge. Lee Eunji then stated that what caught her attention the most was her clip together with SEVENTEEN Dino.

While on this topic, the idol’s recent activities with “KNOCK” were also mentioned, where she became a hot topic for her impressive dance challenge with SEVENTEEN Dino, garnering over 6 million views.

At the time, the duo was lauded for their high synchronization and energetic dance, and you would think they were competing!

 @official.lcy #KnockChallenge With #세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN #디노 #DINO 선배님 #이채연 #LEECHAEYEON #KNOCK ♬ KNOCK – LEE CHAE YEON  

Lee Eunji then read Chaeyeon’s response to it.

 “Whenever I do it with you, I have to dance harder. Don’t be gentle and please continue to take good care of me.’ Did Chaeyeon write it herself?”

Regarding this, Lee Chaeyeon confessed:

“Whenever I do it with that friend, I feel like we are always competing with each other. I dance with the feeling that I’m never going to be taken away. My friend was slightly in front of me and I was in the back, and he danced so hard that his hair was shaking. I was forced into it without realizing it. I even worked harder than I did on stage.”

  @official.lcy #LetsdanceChallenge With #세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN #디노 #DINO 선배님 #이채연 #LEECHAEYEON #LETS_DANCE ♬ LET′S DANCE – LEE CHAE YEON  

Just then, Chaeyeon revealed her shocking connection with Dino.

“The funny thing is, when I looked at Dino’s profile, we have the same origin and we come from the same Lee clan. We have the same ancestors. I was surprised.”

 Lee Eunji then added:

“You both must have gotten your dance DNA (from your ancestors).”

Chaeyeon Reveals Unexpected Relationship With SEVENTEEN Dino: 'We have the same...'

(Photo : Lee Chaeyeon (Xsports News))

Lee Chaeyeon’s Rising Popularity as Soloist

Meanwhile, Lee Chaeyeon, who initially captured the hearts of global fans after debuting as IZ*ONE’s main dancer, pursued her solo path in October 2022 with her debut song “Hush Rush.”

Initially, Chaeyeon received slow growth and recognition, not until she released “KNOCK,” which contributed to her remarkable solo development.

When it was released, she became a viral topic on TikTok for surpassing 200 million cumulative views for her “KNOCK” challenge.

Former IZ*ONE Lee Chaeyeon Solo Debut? Speculation Arises Following THESE Hints

(Photo : Lee Chaeyeon (Instagram))

As of writing, her trending dance with ITZY Chaeryeong surpassed 23 million views, while her dance with Dino has 6 million views.

Through this, she also received the moniker, “Next-Generation K-pop Diva” and through “The Move: Street,” there is a high expectation of how she will hit the short-form video platform with the “LET’S LOVE” challenge this time.

Missed it? Check out Chaeyeon’s “KNOCK” MV here!