Chaeyeon ‘Unfollowed’ IZ*ONE Members? Idol, Fans Explain What Truly Happened

In an online community, a netizen expressed concern when Lee Chaeyeon suddenly “unfollowed” IZ*ONE members. As a result, the idol and her fans took to SNS to explain what happened.

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Chaeyeon Accused of ‘Unfollowing’ IZ*ONE

On September 10, an internet user posted an article in a famous online K-pop forum featuring Lee Chaeyeon and IZ*ONE.

In the anonymous post, the OP wondered why the female idol was the only one “unfollowed” by their former leader Kwon Eunbi on Instagram. At the same time, netizens also noticed that Chaeyeon “unfollowed” all the former IZ*ONE members.

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Since then, there have been malicious speculations that Chaeyeon has a “beef” with her former group.

  • “Chaeyeon unfollowed Jang Wonyoung?”
  • “Chaeyeon unfollowing all IZ*ONE members is crazy.”

Lee Chaeyeon Reveals Instagram Was Hacked, Fans Defend Idol’s Relationship With IZ*ONE

Chaeyeon 'Unfollowed' IZ*ONE Members? Idol, Fans Explain What Truly Happened

(Photo : Lee Chaeyeon (Instagram))

Apparently, not only IZ*ONE members were deleted from Chaeyeon’s following list but also other K-pop idols including her co-WANT crew members, Red Velvet Seulgi, and her other close friends.

Amid growing curiosity about what really happened, Lee Chaeyeon took to Instagram to indirectly explain the reason behind it and revealed that her Instagram was hacked just recently.

On her Instagram story, the “Knock” singer shared a screenshot of a link she received and wrote a message:

“I didn’t send this. Don’t press it. Don’t log in.”

Her fans, especially CHAERISH (fandom) then concluded that Chaeyeon accidentally clicked the link and was hacked. She also shared that Wonyoung and Yena were blocked, causing them to unintentionally unfollow each other.

This is also the same case with other IZ*ONE members, which explains the earlier speculation that Kwon Eunbi cut off Chaeyeon on IG.

Fortunately, the idol regained access to her account and slowly followed back the friends and idols her hacker blocked and unfollowed.

On the other hand, the star’s fandom also asked the others to stop spreading malicious speculations about the relationship of IZ*ONE, and emphasized that the 11 members had unchanging closeness despite disbandment in 2021.

In fact, Chaeyeon and Eunbi recently met in a radio broadcast where they showcased their friendship.

In an interview, Chaeyeon also attested to fans that the members were maintaining their relationship by agreeing to meet at least once a year despite their respective schedules.

On top of that, she claimed that IZ*ONE would be her only girl group, proving her love for her team.

Chaeyeon 'Unfollowed' IZ*ONE Members? Idol, Fans Explain What Truly Happened

(Photo : Lee Chaeyeon (Kpop Wiki))

Currently, Chaeyeon is actively promoting as a soloist. She recently made a comeback with her latest single album, “The Move: Street,” and dropped the track, “LET’S DANCE,” simultaneously on September 6.

As of the 10th, the official MV for “LET’S DANCE” surpassed 10 million views, and ranked as the most popular video after its release.

She will continue her activities by attending music and radio broadcasts, and once again show her title as “Dancing Queen.”

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