Chaeyoung of TWICE using the Antisemitic Nazi Swastika Symbol For Aesthetic

TWICE member Chaeyoung has caught herself in controversy after continuously displaying the extremely offensive and antisemitic Swastika Symbol.

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She has worn the shirt multiple times, including at a Jewish restaurant, and a Billboard Event.

Many fans have expressed their distaste for Chaeyoung, claiming to now be OT8. 

That was not her first time wearing clothing with controversial messaging. Chaeyoung also promoted a Q-anon shirt, which is a decentralized, far-right political movement rooted in a conspiracy theory that former American President Donald Trump is “under assault by Satan worshippers”. 

The idol has since apologized for wearing the Nazi Swastika symbol, claiming she did not know what the symbol meant. However, netizens find that extremely hard to believe, considering the Swastika symbol is one of the most well known hateful imagery in world history. This begs the question: Is Chaeyoung a Nazi?