Chanel Jennie VS Gucci Jennie

Chanel Jennie VS Gucci Jennie

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Chanel Jennie

Gucci Jennie

1. Chanel is really good

2. Chanel

3. Chanel is pretty but Gucci is also so pretty

4. Jennie is Chanel

5. Gucci’s performance clothes back then were so pretty

6. I think the style feedback is better when it’s Gucci

7. What suits her is Gucci

8. Gucci’s styling is prettier

9. Chanel is prettier

10. Personally, I like Gucci more ㅠㅠ Maybe because she’s been a Chanel ambassador for a long time so I see Chanel a lot, but I want to see her with Gucci

11. Gucci!! There are many times when Chanel’s outfits are not appropriate for Jennie’s age

12. Back then she was the perfect combination with Gucci…

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