Charming Jung Hae In Meets Singapore Media And Shares His Thoughts on Meeting Fans

Everyone was charmed by Jung Hae In’s considerate manner during a short 30-minutes press conference held at Suntec City Convention Hall on 29 October 2023, 2 hours ahead of his “The 10th Season” fan meet in Singapore.

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Since his last visit to Singapore in November 2022, the pleasant actor is still overwhelmed by the warm welcome and loud cheers he received from his fans then. He also reminisced about Singapore’s beautiful skyline and delicious food.

Since his arrival on Saturday, he has tried a lot of food and after completing his fan meeting tonight, he wants to have more local cuisine including chilli crab.

(Photo : Melvin Ng)

Having debuted in 2013, he has many memorable moments from his dramas and films. Being on fan meeting tour right now, his most memorable moment is the time spent in proximity with his fans, which energises him to do better for his next ventures. This being the first fan meet that he has ever held in Singapore, the good-mannered star cannot wait to meet his fans to see what energy he can get from the crowd.

(Photo : Melvin Ng)

When asked about the most important thing in his preparation for his movie or drama, the diligent actor replied, “attitude and responsibility”. While it is important to train and practice before the drama, he feels that being punctual is also very important, in order not to cause any delay to the filming.

The conscientious thespian reveals that he gets very anxious if he does not have his script with him during his shoots. While it is difficult to choose which script is closest to his heart, he admits that he is most attached to the latest character that he played, i.e. An Jun-Ho from Deserter Pursuit (DP). He would like to try a comedy or romantic comedy in his future works.

(Photo : Melvin Ng)

He named “10,000 hours” as the song that he is currently listening to and would like to recommend to his fans. He loves to sing and enjoys listening to different genres of songs, “fan meeting is a chance for me to sing”, making everyone at the press conference look forward to the next session.

To maintain his good physique in DP, he shared that both working out and diet are important, and taking more protein helps. His TMI for the day – although he is an introvert, once he is in front of the camera, he will present a different side of himself to the viewers.

(Photo : Melvin Ng)

The compassionate star divulged that he was most touched when his fans told him that his dramas lifted them out of depression. He believes that his job is not only to act, but to share positive energy and happiness to as many people as possible, via his acting projects.

As Singapore is the last stop of his Asia tour, after the encore show in Seoul in November 2023, he will start filming for his next drama before the year ends.

(Photo : Melvin Ng)

For the past 10 years, he is grateful that he has survived and withstood the good and bad times. With 2023 coming to an end, the thoughtful celebrity thanked the journalists who attended the press conference and wished everyone and their families to wrap the year up well and to have continuous peace and happiness.

Writer: Wang | Photo Credits: Melvin Ng