CHEN Empty MV Review: Emotional Soft Ballad is Beautiful with His Mesmerising Vocals

After much anticipation, the CHEN Empty MV, part of his 4th mini-album DOOR, has finally graced our screens, sparking a surge of excitement! At 6 PM KST on May 28, 2024, fans delighted in the long-awaited release from this beloved K-pop artist. Renowned as the king of ballads, he returns with a soul-stirring track, captivating listeners with its tender lyrics that resonate deeply.

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I’m a devoted admirer of Chen’s solo music. There’s something about soft ballads that truly speaks to my heart, and this year has been particularly delightful with EXO members treating us to their individual musical endeavours, one after another. It’s undeniable that EXO boasts some of the most remarkable vocalists in the industry. Whether performing together as a group or pursuing solo ventures, they consistently showcase their exceptional talent.

CHEN Empty MV Review: Emotional Soft Ballad is Beautiful with His Mesmerising Vocals

CHEN Empty MV Review

Now, turning to Chen’s latest music video, his captivating vocals effortlessly draw listeners into a world of serene melodies and heartfelt lyrics. It’s a testament to his innate musicality and the depth of emotion he infuses into every note. This new release serves as a poignant reminder of his undeniable prowess as a solo artist, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what he’ll enchant us with next.

In the music video, CHEN doesn’t capture explicit narratives but instead focuses on photographing individuals who have experienced loss yet choose to remember with a smile. As the video progresses, CHEN’s initial solitude on the floor evolves into a narrative where he, along with others, reflects on cherished memories. The song’s poignant lyrics underscore the theme of enduring warmth amidst absence.

Jongdae Empty surpasses expectations with its exquisite beauty. Despite its title, the song brims with poignant emotions that resonate deeply. His soulful, powerful voice serves as a healing balm, while the music video offers profound symbolism alongside comforting visuals.

Through his lens, CHEN captures the essence of resilience, portraying individuals in moments of quiet strength and remembrance. Each empty frame symbolizes the void left by loss, yet it subtly suggests that within this void, memories persist. The absence within the frames paradoxically speaks volumes about the enduring presence of those we’ve lost, reminding us that their memory continues to shape and enrich our lives.

CHEN Empty MV Review: Emotional Soft Ballad is Beautiful with His Mesmerising VocalsCHEN Empty MV Review: Emotional Soft Ballad is Beautiful with His Mesmerising Vocals

In this heartfelt ballad, Chen contemplates lost love, weaving themes of longing and nostalgia into every note. Through poignant verses such as “We can’t turn back time, so I’ll hold onto only the good memories,” Chen encapsulates the bittersweet journey of embracing the present while treasuring the past.

CHEN’s voice possesses a remarkable ability to transcend mere soundwaves, weaving a tapestry of emotions that enrapture listeners in a realm of pure sonic beauty. With each note he sings, he effortlessly bridges the realms of passion and melody, infusing his performances with an unmatched depth of feeling that resonates deep within the hearts of his audience.

His vocal prowess not only mesmerizes but also uplifts, elevating every song he touches to a realm of sublime artistry. It’s this innate talent and unwavering dedication to his craft that have firmly established CHEN as not just a singer, but a virtuoso whose musical legacy continues to inspire and enchant countless souls across the globe.

Watch CHEN Empty MV Below

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CHEN 4th mini-album DOOR is now available on all the music platform.

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