‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 10: Lee Je Hoon Transforms Jongnam Police

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After 10 episodes, “Chief Detective 1958” said goodbye to viewers with an amazing and satisfying season finale, with Lee Je Hoon’s character introducing the journey of the new chief.

Based on the iconic K-drama “Chief Detective,” released in 1971, the MBC series depicts the story of the legendary Park Young Han before he became Jongnam’s top-notch chief.

Joining him as the members of Team 1’s Jongnam Police are Lee Dong Hwi, Choi Woo Sung, and Yoon Hyun Soo.

Meanwhile, the crime-suspense K-drama has maintained its standing with impressive ratings.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Viewership

In a report, Nielsen Korea recorded a significant increase in viewership as the MBC drama aired its final episode.

“Chief Detective 1958” episode 10 jumped to a double-digit rating of 10.6 percent, continuing its lead in first place in its time slot across all channels.

Although the drama failed to surpass its highest viewership of 10.8 percent, episode 10 showed an impressive increase from the previous rating of 9.6 percent.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 10 Recap: Park Young Han as the New Chief

Park Young Han and the rest of the team were going against influential people.

The episode continued with Young Han’s attempt to trap Jung Hee Sung, who was attempting to kill his friend and sole witness, Nam Jung Gil.

Team 1 successfully arrested Hee Sung, the son of the police commander. Park Young Han also recommended charging him with murder and assault by victimizing a number of women.

However, Baek Do Seok attempted to intimidate Young Han to cover up Hee Sung’s crime, but this time, the senior detective managed to get hold of witnesses to attest to the claims against Chief Baek.

The said witness was Jung Gil, whom they were able to convince to speak up but who expressed his fear towards Hee Sung’s father.

However, Young Han assured that he would be protected and put Hee Sung behind bars.

While team 1 was planning how to capture Chief Baek, Do Seok is negotiating with Jung Gil’s father, asking him about a huge sum of money, and in return, he would give his son’s freedom.

The father accepted his request but released an order to his men to kill Baek Do Seok.

At the hospital, an inspector was stunned to see Jung Pil missing. He alerted Park Young Han and Jongnam Police to begin their hunt.

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At the meeting place, Jongnam Cathedral, Do Seok and his aide were surrounded by a group of men, but he was able to take them down.

Outside the cathedral, Young Han and the team heard gunshots and hurried to get inside to save the civilians.

After a series of intense fight, Young Han was able to capture Baek Do Seok and his aide. The duo and Hee Sung were also sentenced for the crimes that they committed.

Because of the success of the team’s mission, Chief Yu was promoted to superintendent, leaving Park Young Han as the new chief.

The last scene featured the old Young Han visiting his colleagues at the cemetery and thanking them for their contribution and the great time they had together.

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