Chief Detective 1958 Episode 2 Recap & Review: The Legendary Team Assembles!

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 2 Recap and Review: Park Young-han moves from a small town to Seoul where he faces the truth of the corruption that is deeply rooted in the system. Directed by Kim Sung-hoon, the drama stars Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Woo-sung, Yoon Hyun-soo, Seon Eun-soo, and Choi Deok-moon, alongside other cast members.

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Chief Detective 1958 (수사반장 1958) is a new Korean action thriller bringing the events in the life of detective Park Young-han, who teams up with his colleagues at a new Police Station to fight corruption. The drama is a prequel to the legendary Korean drama Chief Inspector which entertained the audience for 18 years.

-Chief Detective 1958 Episode 2 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 2 Recap

Young-han is sure that he will be able to take down his fellow cops who are dealing with smugglers, however, he loses consciousness when Sang-soon hits him on his head. Sang-soon then goes ahead to make a deal with the others but is hit in the head and left on the roadside along with Young-han.

When the two wake up Young-han is surprised to find out that it was Sang-soon who hit him but finds out that he saved him from having a bullet shot in his head by an American soldier. The two then think about how to back back at them and Young-han already has a plan, other than reporting them to the military police.

The two create chaos and come back to the station where they have a clash with the cops who escaped the previous day. However, Young-han doesn’t fail to leave a warning before making his exit as he waits for the result of his deeds. He comes across Chief Yoo outside the station and jokes about the busy time that they’ve had.

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Elsewhere, a rookie cop rushes into the police station and informs Unit 2 chief Byun Dae-sik that something has happened to the warehouse and they need to rush. Upon arriving there, they see a crowd of civilians taking away the imported things from the warehouse for free, leaving the cops shocked.

Meanwhile, the ones behind this laugh at a bathhouse where Young-han and Sang-soon recall how they put an “American Goods Giveaway” sign outside the warehouse and created this mess. Upon returning to the police station, they see Superintendent Choi throwing his anger everywhere over what has happened.

Young-has and Sang-soon agree to have caused the chaos at the American warehouse when asked which makes Superintendent Choi burst into anger. He then questions them about the “crime” that they have committed, however, the two men reason that they did this to save the cops at this police station.

They told everyone present that they were going to report the smuggling case to the military police but thinking about their families they resorted to this method instead. Thus, they are no less than their lifesavers at this moment which causes Chief Yoo to lose control of his laughter.

The news of this incident reaches Lee Jung-jae who has been bribing the officers and is now facing the loss. He is angered by the new detective under Chief Yoo and is ready to take care of him in his way. Elsewhere, Kyeong-hwan is asked to become a part of the gangsters but he is not ready to side with the thugs.

Elsewhere, a young student from Hanju University is trying to confess his love for a bookstore owner, Lee Hye-joo. The young man is Seo Ho-jung, but before he can go anywhere with his confession, another customer appears and tells the Hye-joo about the chaos Young-han has created.

Later that night, Young-han is followed by thugs who are here to attack him for what he did earlier that day. Young-han underestimated the effort put in by the person behind them and soon faced more than 10 people who chased him to Hye-joo’s bookstore. Young-han interrupts Ho-jung’s second try at confessing and begs Hye-joo to hide him in her bookstore.

Upon finding out that Young-han is the one who released snakes on the gangsters, she quickly hides him right before the thugs enter her bookstore. She then manipulates the scene outside in a way that lets Ho-jung escape safely and even the thugs leave quickly. Young-han safely escapes from the thugs due to her help, however, this encounter has him experiencing the feeling of love towards the brave woman.

Upon returning home, he cannot stop thinking about Hye-joo and it is then that Chief Yoo arrives and asks him if he is alright. Young-han understands how Chief Yoo cares for him in his own way and confronts how he is aware that the suit gifted to him wasn’t from any extra money.

The next day, Ho-jung is ready to move to another country for his further studies under his parents’ pressure who are not ready to let him become a cop. Unable to refute them, he goes on with their plan until he comes across a recruitment booth from where he takes a form. However, he doesn’t fill it out and almost gives up on ever becoming a cop until he gets a sign of his fate and rushes to submit the application form.

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Meanwhile, Young-han tells Chief Yoo that they need to recruit more personnel in Unit 1 as they are seriously lacking staff. Chief Yoo tells him that he has only been able to recruit Young-han which makes the latter ready to take up the challenge and get more people to join Unit 1. Young-han already has some people in his mind and he is ready to create the team.

Young-han first goes to Sang-soon and convinces him to go from Unit 2 to Unit 1, promising him that he would not have to bow before Thugs again. Sang-soon accepts his offer after which he follows Young-han to the market where Young-han spots his next target. Kyeong-hwan is his next target and can convince him to become a cop through his identity as the one who threw snakes at thugs.

Kyeong-hwan then expresses his doubt about being able to become a cop and Young-han explains that the recruitment process takes place in two ways. One is through educational qualifications and the other is through proving one’s strengths. Thus, in this way, Ho-jung is selected as he is a university student with straight A’s while Kyeong-hwan is selected after he takes down 3 opponents.

With this, Young-han finally welcomes Kyeong-hwan into the team and celebrates his selection. He tells his newly formed team of the rules that they need to follow- protecting the weak and beating up the bad. The three celebrate their upcoming days when they see a couple sitting together.

This reminds Young-han of Hye-joo and he rushes to meet her and offers to go to a movie together. The next day, Chief Yoo is surprised by Young-han’s feat and comments how it’s a team depicting the characters of “Romance of Three Kingdoms”. Chief Yoo is impressed by Young-han, right then Superintendent Choi arrives with Ho-jung with pride as it is not common to see a University student become a cop.

He puts Ho-jung in Unit 2 and right then another cop rushes in asking for anyone who can speak English as there is an American who has been caught with dynamites. Ho-jung takes up the task and Superintendent Choi sends the rest of Unit 2 to learn from him. Meanwhile, Superintendent Choi moves to Unit 1 and gives them a special public service task.

Elsewhere, Ho-jung translates the American’s words to the others and tries to interrogate him as well. He tells the cops that the man is asking for a smoke before he confesses and they move the dynamite before handing him a cigarette. Right then, the man catches hold of the lighter and a stick of dynamite and threatens to blow up the place if he is not let go.

Ho-jung tells them to not fear as the man is only throwing words and would not light the dynamite, however, his words prove wrong when the man ends up lighting the dynamite. The team rushes out of the room while Ho-jung tries to snatch the dynamite and throw it outside before it sets off inside the police station.

Unfortunately, his efforts result in the lit dynamite being thrown under Superintendent Choi’s car right before it blasts. The blast is not small and this happens right in front of Superintendent Choi’s eyes. Meanwhile, members of Unit 1 are sent to film a movie scene as part of the public service task given to them.

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While returning, Young-han questions Chief Yoo why he hasn’t been removed from the police station when Superintendent Choi doesn’t like him. Chief Yoo tells him that he will know the reason one day and stops when they see the scene in front of them. The team sees a car burnt in front of the police station and soon finds out what has happened.

They see the way Unit 2 behaves towards Ho-jung and while Young-han feels bad for the newly recruited, he doesn’t interfere. The next day, Young-han along with Sang-soon and Kyeong-hwan go to the market in the morning and warn the thugs they come across to beware of them.

Elsewhere, an American soldier shows racist-like behaviour towards a Korean-born American soldier. The brawl goes to the extent wherein the American soldier attacks the other soldier and soon the men point guns towards each other. News of this travels to the police station and Unit 1 is assigned the task of checking up on the situation as Unit 2 stays away from tasks that don’t benefit them.

Young-han observes the behaviour Unit 2 has towards Ho-jung as they make him polish their shoes. He takes up the task and takes Ho-jung along with him as he is the only one who can speak English. Leaving behind the words that a cop should do what a cop is meant to do, he frees Ho-jung from Unit 2 and takes him for what he was meant to do.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 2 Ending

Upon reaching the restaurant, the team finds out that they have been given false information regarding the involvement of guns. As they plan their next step, Ho-jung suggests a plan that he had once read in a book. They go along with his plan and soon Ho-jung and Kyeong-hwan arrive in front of the soldiers who haven’t moved from their position with their guns pointing at their target.

Ho-jung distracts the American soldier and asks him to look at the dish he has made according to American standards. Seeing the soldier confused about what the dish is, the two see the chance and launch a sudden attack on the soldiers. Young-han and Sang-soon join in from behind the soldiers and soon get the situation under control before the military police arrive.

The Korean-American soldier thanks them for their help while Ho-jung informs him of the American soldier’s involvement in smuggling goods. He tells the soldier that he can contact them if there is a need for an alibi and the soldier thanks him once again before leaving. After the soldier leaves, Young-han asks Ho-jung if they met previously and Ho-jung is reminded of the bookstore incident.

He then asks Ho-jung about the book based on which he formed today’s plan and Ho-jung tells him that he never read anything like this but made it on the spot. Young-han is impressed by his strategy and ability to lie and asks him to join their unit. Sang-soon is surprised by this and Young-han tells him that they just found another character from the “Romance of Three Kingdoms”.

With this, the team is finally complete and ready for new cases ahead.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 2 Review

The premiere week for this show has come to an end and we can say for sure that this is a show that cannot be missed! Chief Detective 1958 is proving itself a must-watch as it goes about bringing a breath of fresh air to this genre. Everything from the plot, the action, the characters and the actors playing these roles is perfect and we are surely in for a treat.

Episode 2 has been a pleasure for us all as it not only introduces all the characters of the original show but also gives us a glance at how the team was put together. While focusing on every member of this legendary detective team, this prequel is shining in its way. Moving on to the viewers who are unaware of the show this is a prequel to, I have loved how there is no requirement to know about the original show to follow through this show.

The show has brought a sense of enjoyment while bringing a full package deal for all which includes action, comedy, romance, and an abundance of entertainment. However, this is just the premiere week and with my expectations having risen already, let us hope that the show can maintain this quality until the end.

What did you think about this episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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