‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 3: Lee Je Hoon’s Dream Team Goes to Their First Emergency Deployment

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“Chief Detective 1958” episode 3 showcased the first mission of Lee Je Hoon’s team as a group.

After he successfully created a new team to join him on his unit, they were given a special mission.

Based on the long-running crime series “Chief Inspector” that aired from 1971 to 1989, the 2024 MBC series depicts the journey of Park Young Young during his early years as a detective.

He was joined by fellow senior detective Kim Sang Soon (Lee Dong Hwi) along with two rookie detectives, Seo Ho Jeong (Yoon Hyun Soo) and Cho Kyung Hwan (Choi Woo Sung), as they formed Jongnam Police’s Unit 2 team.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Viewership

Following an impressive first week, “Chief Detective 1958” episode 3 continues to soar high in the rating race.

In a report, Nielsen Korea recorded an average nationwide rating of 10.8 percent, making its highest viewership rating yet.

In addition to this, Lee Je Hoon’s new drama made it the most-watched show of any kind to air on Friday.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 3 Recap: Did Park Young Han’s First Mission End Successfully?

The third episode began with Park Young Han introducing his team to his superior, Chief Yu Dae Cheon, who seemed impressed with his lineup of new detectives.

Meanwhile, they were given a new task: clearing Jongnam’s market from beggars who were causing disturbance.

Instead of arresting these beggars, Park Young Han asked them to be his ears and eyes for any criminals that they would spot in the neighborhood.

As a reward, Park Young Han would give them food, so there’s no need for them to steal.

Just as he thought that the beggars would be useful, he recommended them to the team when they were given their first big task involving the bank robbery.

Park Young Han and the team studied the group’s movement and predicted that they would rob Jongnam’s bank within the week.

Among the preparations they made was to brief the beggars regarding suspicious people lurking within the area.

Lo and behold, the robbers targeted Jongnam’s bank. Kim Sang Soon posed as the bank’s guard to keep civilians safe.

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Meanwhile, Young Han, Seo Ho Jeong, and Cho Kyung Hwan were checking out how they could get into the bank’s premises. In one scene, Park Young Han disguised himself as one of the robbers but was stunned to see Lee Hye Ju become their hostage. After a series of car chases, Park Young Han and the team managed to secure the people, the money, and everyone’s safety.

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