Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 Recap & Review: The Detectives Take Up Their First Case!

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 Recap and Review: Young-han and team get their first case, however, they have another case that needs to be solved as quickly as possible. Directed by Kim Sung-hoon, the drama stars Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Woo-sung, Yoon Hyun-soo, Seon Eun-soo, and Choi Deok-moon, alongside other cast members.

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Chief Detective 1958 (수사반장 1958) is a new Korean action thriller bringing the events in the life of detective Park Young-han, who teams up with his colleagues at a new Police Station to fight corruption. The drama is a prequel to the legendary Korean drama Chief Inspector which entertained the audience for 18 years.

-Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 Recap

Terror lurks around the country as ruthless robbers steal major banks and leave behind a trail of blood by killing the guard after every robbery. Elsewhere, Chief Yu is amused and happy to see another addition to the team who is to take up the role of the brain of the team. With Unit 1 finally prepared to take on proper cases, Superintendent Choi arrives with a task for the team.

Thus, Unit 1 is assigned to take care of the beggars in the Jongham Market which leaves Young-han and Sang-sun groaning while the two new detectives show a confused face. However, they soon find out that they have been set up on a very stinky mission where they need to catch the beggars who are causing havoc in the market.

The group of beggars are soon caught and Young-han gives them a lesson and tells them to return the items they stole before letting them go. Ho-jung and Kyeong-hwan are surprised by this generosity until Sang-sun tells them that there are more serious criminals than this bunch who need to be put in prison.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 still

Young-han then takes them to the rice cakes store where they start discussing Ho-jung’s favourite character- Frank Hamer. Young-han gets curious about him and asks all about Frank Hamer, all while having forgotten that he had asked Hye-ju out for a movie. Hye-ju waits for Young-han and soon night falls, meanwhile, by the time Young-han remembers the movie date and rushes to the theatres, he is too late.

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Hye-ju has already returned to her bookstore where she meets the young girl who always visits her store. The young girl guesses that she has been stood up and Hye-ju doesn’t hold back any longer to begin complaining about Young-han’s behaviour, unaware that he is standing outside her store at the moment.

While standing outside the bookstore, Young-han gets his hand on a newspaper and sees reports of a gang that is robbing banks and also killing the guard. The next day, he shares the same with Unit 1 and the team starts discussing the robberies, only to conclude that the gang is soon to attack Seoul.

The team decides to pay attention to this case, but right then Superintendent Choi arrives and announces that everyone needs to be available for the protection of a VIP. Chief Yoo tells him about the robberies and the need to solve this case, but Superintendent Choi is not ready to listen to him and orders everyone to be present for security.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 still

However, Unit 1 is not ready to give up this easily and starts working on the case without letting anyone else know. Meanwhile, Young-han gets his first suit and heads to Hye-ju to ask for an apology. However, Hye-ju is not ready to forgive him this easily so Young-han finds a way to help her out by fixing the bookshelf.

He then tells her that he will be back with the proper material to fix it completely. Looking at this side of Young-han, Hye-ju is unable to get angry anymore and tells him that she has forgiven him. The two start talking and discovering more about each other during which Young-han talks about his scar from when he was a student soldier.

Detecting his uneasiness about the mark, Hye-ju goes to buy him a bracelet that would keep the scar hidden. The two then head home, while on the other hand, the gang is ready with their next target in sight. Meanwhile, Unit 1 gathers in Young-han’s room and starts discussing their next plan.

With the help of Young-han’s co-renters, they soon find out which bank would be the gang’s next target. The team then begins distributing tasks and Young-han makes use of the beggars they had let go earlier to confirm the gang’s target bank. While Kyeong-hwan is given the job of helping the beggars understand what they need to look out for, Ho-jung is asked to go through the gang’s previous cases to understand the attack pattern.

All the while, the two are also asked to practise their shooting skills. Soon, Kyeong-hwan gets news of the gang visiting the bank which is to become its next target and Sang-sun is chosen to become the watchman for their plan. Young-han and Sang-sun visit the bank’s manager and tell him about their plan while using Superintendent Choi’s name.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 still

Later that night, Ho-jung also arrives and informs the team of the gang’s robbery pattern according to which they will attack when the team is supposed to escort the VIP. With this, Young-han and Chief Yoo rush to Superintendent Choi, only to be shouted at as the latter does not care about the robbery.

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The next day, Unit 1 is to accompany the rest of the teams to safeguard the VIP, however, they have a plan of their own. While Chief Yoo distracts the others, Young-han, Kyeong-hwan, and Ho-jung try to escape from the back door. However, they are caught and jailed while Sang-sun is at the bank while dressed as a guard.

Chief Yoo is unaware of this while Kyeong-hwan and Ho-jung use an emotional tactic to get the one guarding them to let them go. The three rush to the bank with the guard now helping them. Meanwhile, the gang has already entered the bank and has created havoc inside. One of the men then rushes to get the bank manager who could open the locker but finds the manager unconscious.

He tries to wake the manager but fails as Sang-sun has already made plans to make the manager unconscious. Seeing this, the leader of the group tells his men to collect whatever money is out in the open. Meanwhile, Young-han reaches to find that they are late and carries on with Plan B.

First, they make the man waiting for the gang outside unconscious and Young-han takes his place. The team then lures the thieves inside by making fake siren noises which alarms the men inside as they make a run for it. However, Hye-ju is also at the bank during this time and the leader captures her to use her as bait.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 still

Sang-sun tries to stop this but is unable to, however, he gets hold of one of the thieves before heading out. Meanwhile, Young-han sees what has happened and intervenes by grabbing Hye-ju and showing her the bracelet she bought him. Assured by his presence, Hye-ju cooperates with him while Sang-sun, Ho-jung and Kyeong-hwan begin chasing the thieves’ vehicle.

However, the leader of the thieves soon gets suspicious of Young-han when he notices the route that he has taken while being chased by the police. He tries to get his mask off when Hye-ju distracts the leader by showing mad-like behaviour. However, this doesn’t stop from Young-han’s identity being revealed and soon a brawl begins inside the car.

This causes the car to crash as Young-han focuses on keeping Hye-ju safe. The thieves try to escape the situation with wounded bodies, right then, Chief Yoo, Sang-sun, Kyeong-hwan and Ho-jung arrive and try to hold them down. Chief Yoo then shouts at Superintendent Choi who is nearby and hands the thieves to him and Unit 2.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 Ending

Meanwhile, Young-han checks on Hye-ju who assures him that all she showed inside the car was just acting. The rest of Unit 1 arrives there and guesses the relationship between Young-han and Hye-ju. They then see Superintendent Choi enjoying the fame that he is experiencing at the moment due to the capture of the thieves.

Leaving him to continue this enjoyment, Unit 1 leaves quietly with no interest in such fame. Later, Superintendent Choi rebukes them for not following orders but the team doesn’t pay much attention to him and turns the tables on him by speaking of how he would donate the prize money from this case to war orphans.

This angers Superintendent Choi further as he kicks them out after which the team only laughs at this situation. Suddenly, Young-han remembers his movie date with Hye-ju later that day and rushes to the theatre where he finds her waiting for him this time. With this, the two are finally able to go on their delayed date; unaware that another dangerous case lurks for Unit 1.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 still

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 begins the real journey of these legendary detectives as they take on their first “mission” from Superintendent Choi as well as their first case that they chose for themselves. With this episode one thing is for sure, these detectives are not here to follow orders or rules when it comes to working as detectives, but they are here to catch the criminals by hook or by crook.

With each passing episode, I can understand why these detectives were famous for years together back in the 1960s. Bringing us the right amount of action, comedy, drama, and even romance, this show has everything and is perfect for a family to sit together and enjoy.

The plot and cast have already left us wanting more in each episode, however, we cannot stop mentioning the performance the cast has put together to bring out the essence of their characters who are from the late 1950s, in every episode. The cinematography too is on another level and the overall feel that the drama gives takes us back in time.

Altogether, this was yet another amazing episode and we are looking forward to the many cases and challenges that this team is going to face in the upcoming episodes.

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