Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 Recap & Review: The Devil’s Orphanage

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 Recap and Review: Young-han and his team take up the case of missing infants which leaves them shocked! Directed by Kim Sung-hoon, the drama stars Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Woo-sung, Yoon Hyun-soo, Seon Eun-soo, and Choi Deok-moon, alongside other cast members.

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Chief Detective 1958 (수사반장 1958) is a new Korean action thriller bringing the events in the life of detective Park Young-han, who teams up with his colleagues at a new Police Station to fight corruption. The drama is a prequel to the legendary Korean drama Chief Inspector which entertained the audience for 18 years.

-Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 Recap

In an orphanage, a woman assures the person on call that she will take care of the mess that has taken place and deliver their order as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the people in a military camp nearby are shocked by the scene that they have accidentally discovered. The next day, Young-han is back at the rice cake store where he sees the young boy trying to study and thinks of ways he can help him.

Later, at the police station, Unit 1 overhears a woman crying to another officer about her missing son who hasn’t been found after a week. She pleads for help but the officer tells her that they are too busy with other cases and he would suggest someone whom she can go to. Hearing this, Sang-sun is unable to stop himself and brings her to Unit 1, ready to help her out of this situation.

They get all the details of the incident from her and are ready to begin their work. Later that night, Young-han asks Nan-sil (the regular at the bookstore) to help the boy at the rice cakes store, Sung-chil, with his studies. She accepts his request after a lot of convincing and begins her lessons the next day.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 still

Elsewhere, a military doctor and a journalist are stunned by the discovery of 10 bodies of babies found in the military area. However, what shocked them further was that the babies had an extra finger on their hands or other defects. Right when they were going to investigate this peculiar case further, police from a nearby station arrived and took the corpses away with them.

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The next day, the case is reported in the local newspaper which leaves Unit 1 shocked as the missing baby case that they have taken also had an extra finger on his hand. Suddenly, the mother of the child rushes in and the team assures her that there might still be hope for her child.

They decide to begin with the police who took the babies away but are soon shocked when they find out that the police have already closed the case. According to them, the babies had contracted measles and had been cremated soon after they were taken away, thus closing the case. This angers Sang-sun more than anyone as he rushes into a brawl with the unbothered detective who took the case this lightly.

Many powerful people are sitting behind this case which is why this case was handled in such a messy manner. The team is not ready to give up and split to continue their investigation; Young-han and Sang-sun go to the orphanage where the babies belong while Ho-jung and Kyeong-hwan go to the military hospital.

However, the latter duo is told that the doctor has been transferred and details of the same cannot be shared with them. Elsewhere, Young-han and Sang-sun arrive at the orphanage where they meet the woman who sits as the head of the institute. The questions begin, but Sang-sun is more sensitive than ever and ends up offending the woman who then throws them out without a second thought.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 still

Young-han later asks him the reason for this and he finds out that Sang-sun is also an orphan and is aware of how things are in such places. He then spots a boy crying nearby and tries to approach him but the boy is too fearful and runs away. The next day, the team gets together to discuss the case when they find out that the journalist who made the report met with an accident earlier that day.

Chief Yoo arrives to join the discussion and finds out that the orphanage head is none other than Audrey Ko whom he was previously acquainted with as this isn’t the first time she is committing crimes. She was previously a supporter of Japanese rule and would brainwash children to prepare them for war and fight for the Japanese.

Later, she moved to the U.S. and returned with a degree after which she started working at the orphanage. Upon finding this, their suspicion of Audrey Ko only grows stronger while Kyeong-hwan and Ho-jung reveal that they know where the military doctor was transferred to. While they try to keep their “kind” ways of asking for the location a secret, it is evident that a lot of muscles are involved.

Ho-jung is given the task to find the doctor and before they can discuss further, Superintendent Choi arrives looking for Young-han and Sang-sun. The team escapes from there and Young-han goes to the bookstore to check on Sung-chil’s studies. He then hands over the shoes that he has brought for the boy and tells him to study hard.

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Later, chaos occurs in the market when some goons ruin a stall after the stall owner delays in paying him money. Sung-chil jumps into the scene and chases away the goons, unaware of the danger he has taken upon himself. Elsewhere, Young-han and Sang-sun go to the woman who first complained about her missing child and ask about all the people who visited her.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 still

They deduce that the person who stole the child must be very familiar with the alleys in the area. Later, the duo go to Audrey Ko and pretend to have been sent by Superintendent Choi as they apologise for their behaviour and tell how they have been sent to volunteer at the orphanage.

She accepts their apology, assuming that Superintendent Choi gave them a good lesson and tells them to go about working there. While working there, they see someone take all the children somewhere. Young-han then sneakily asks a child about where they are being taken and finds out that they are being vaccinated at a clinic nearby.

The two then go around looking for clues related to the babies and check the garbage area. There, they find a half-burnt cloth with a yellow turtle pattern which is similar to the one described by the mother of the missing child. This confirms that the child was among the 10 dead babies and with a heavy heart, the two return to the woman with the cloth and deliver the news.

The two then return to the police station where they share the news with the others. He then turns to Kyeong-hwan who was tasked with meeting with the other parents. Kyeong-hwan tells them that he found that the kidnapper was familiar with the family’s daily routine and that he found cosmetics from the same brand at their houses.

Young-han questions about the cosmetics and finds out that cosmetic sellers usually carry a big bag everywhere and it could be that the cosmetic seller was the one helping Audrey Ko. Having met the seller when investigating the people who visited the woman’s house, the team begins trailing the seller.

They find out that she is a gambler and soon break into the gambling den where they capture the owner and tell him to work with them. The owner works accordingly and rushes to the woman and demands the money she owes him back as soon as possible. This puts the woman in a state of panic and she rushes to get her hands on more babies the very next day.

However, this time Young-han and others are following her. They witness her steal another baby and follow her until she meets the person who takes the child to the orphanage. Ho-jung saves the child on time while the other three try to capture the middleman but fail as she escapes in a car.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 still

Following this, Kyeong-hwan and Ho-jung are sent to capture the doctor who is giving the children their vaccinations while the seller is questioned. The seller confesses her crimes while the doctor tells them that he is in charge of making sure that the children have no defects and to identify the same if any.

Hearing this, Young-han wastes no time and rushes to capture every staff of the orphanage. While taking everyone under custody, Young-hand and Sang-sun are shown the room where the babies were held and find out that the infants were choked to death after the heater in the room was broken.

The carbon monoxide poisoning is what took the lives of 10 infants and the one who broke the heater is the one who killed them. They soon identify the person who had met the seller and questioning soon begins. However, the woman refuses to blame Audrey Ko and tells them that she was the one who planned everything.

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This leaves them shocked but it doesn’t stop them from capturing Audrey Ko and her driver. The questioning of the three begins soon after but the driver and the woman protect Audrey Ko. The detectives are then called out by Chief Yu who tells them that they are protecting her as they are among the children who were previously brainwashed by Audrey Ko.

Sang-sun is annoyed by this and leaves while the others continue trying to question the woman and the driver separately but the two refuse to confess the truth. Meanwhile, Superintendent Choi finds out about what happened and rushes to bring Audrey Ko out. He then tells them to apologise to the woman while Chief Yu suggests Young-han do as told so that Superintendent Choi doesn’t get a chance to give them harsher punishment.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 still

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 Ending

Audrey Ko is not ready to let go of this matter and is about to leave with the Chairwoman of the Women’s Association who arrived to get her out. Right then, Sang-sun arrives with a child from the orphanage who reveals the truth about the babies. He tells everyone present that he was amazed by the babies and would secretly see them from afar every day.

However, one day Audrey Ko found out all the infants had external disabilities and decided to kill them, thus, damaging the heater herself. Audrey Ko opposes the child’s testimony and tries to leave but the child reveals that she had hurt her hand the day she killed the babies. Sang-sun asks her to remove her glove and let them see if there’s a scar which scares her.

She refuses to do as told and tries to leave but Young-han pokes at the Chairwoman how saving Audrey Ko could damage the reputation of the Women’s Society. The Chairwoman then asks her to remove the glove and soon the scar of her hand is revealed which angers the former.

The Chairwoman leaves in anger while Audrey Ko is left with no more door open for herself. She turns towards the child and throws her anger at him while Sang-sun protects the child. The case thus, comes to an end and while everyone is happy, their feelings are soon overshadowed by the sadness of not being able to save the 10 infants.

A memorial service is set up for the 10 infants and their parents and the team of detectives pay their respects to their young souls. Soon, the children at the orphanage are sent to a better place while Young-han shares his feelings throughout this time with Hye-ju. The two are getting closer and soon share a kiss in a hidden alley.

However, at another place, the dying body of Sung-chil is lying on the ground at the market, covered in multiple wounds.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 still

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 4 Review

Another weekend comes to an end and we can say that this show is giving us some really interesting cases each week while keeping the story going on. There is something new each week and the team is surely progressing in various ways while keeping the originality intact.

This episode showed this very theme of the show as it brought Sang-sun’s past to us while keeping us hooked on the case that was being solved. All of this while sticking to the timeline is not an easy task, and seeing the team solve these cases in 1958 is what keeps us hooked to the show.

Meanwhile, we are soon to see a new change in the characters as Young-han is to soon face the death of Sung-chil, whom he had been taking care of so dearly. This is surely going to be a turning point for him and we are eager to see how this incident molds him towards what he is to become in the future.

Altogether, this was yet another intriguing episode and we are ready to see what next weekend brings to us!

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