‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 5: Lee Je Hoon Furious Over the Death of a Friend

“Chief Detective 1958” Episode 5 showed Lee Je Hoon and the team’s struggle to get the suspect arrested after a group of gangsters wreaked havoc, causing fear among the local merchants.

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Meanwhile, the MBC K-drama scored major achievements as it ended its first half.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 5 Rating: Police Drama Sees Major Boost in Viewership

Based on the 1971 series “Chief Inspector,” Lee Je Hoon’s drama is a prequel to the longtime running show that depicts the journey of iconic detective Park Young Han.

Chief Detective 1958
Chief Detective 1958

Joining him on his journey to fight the criminals are the Jongnam Police Investigation Unit 1, played by Lee Dong Hwi, Choi Woo Sung, and Yoon Hyun Soo.

As the 10-episode K-drama reached its second half, the MBC series’ May 5 broadcast garnered an impressive increase in rating.

According to a report, “Chief Detective 1958” recorded an average nationwide rating of 9.2 percent, making it the number one rating for its time slot.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 5 Recap: Park Young Han Uses Connection to Put Viper Behind Bars

The fifth episode started with devastating news of Sung Chil’s death.

Park Young Han and the team rushed to the crime scene, and were stunned to see his lifeless body. Sung Chil’s grandmother was utterly shocked and heartbroken that she couldn’t process the incident.

Park Young Han and the investigation team unit 1 started to dig into the case by looking for possible witnesses. However, all the local merchants and their families refused to give any statements out of fear.

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Due to this, Park Young Han and the group crashed into Viper’s den, causing a commotion.

The gang leader and his members were brought to the police station, only to be released as per the station’s policy.

Viper was confident that Park Young Han couldn’t put him behind bars because of his connection with Chairman Lee Jung Jae.

However, Young Han contacted his U.S. military friend to help him with the case, and so he did. Viper was locked up for beating a U.S. soldier.

Meanwhile, Park Young Han reached out to Chairman Lee regarding a proposal.

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In “Chief Detective 1958” Episode 5, it was revealed that the said deal was the arrest warrant for Viper, who was Lee Jung Jae’s right-hand man.

However, the chairman warned Young Han about their relationship.

Just as Viper thought that he was out, Young Han and the team brought the arrest warrant and took him to police custody.

Park Young Han also received a threat from Chairman Lee for refusing to work with him.

One of the significant highlights in Episode 5 was Young Han’s wedding to Lee Hae Joo.