Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5 Recap & Review: No Criminal Escapes Prison!

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5 Recap and Review: Young-han needs to face a challenge like no other, but will he make it through or break in the middle? Directed by Kim Sung-hoon, the drama stars Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Woo-sung, Yoon Hyun-soo, Seon Eun-soo, and Choi Deok-moon, alongside other cast members.

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Chief Detective 1958 (수사반장 1958) is a new Korean action thriller bringing the events in the life of detective Park Young-han, who teams up with his colleagues at a new Police Station to fight corruption. The drama is a prequel to the legendary Korean drama Chief Inspector which entertained the audience for 18 years.

-Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5 Recap

The episode opens up with Young-han going through another normal day at work until he gets the news that Sung-chil has been attacked. He rushes to the market with his team and is shocked to see Sung-chil’s grandmother sitting on the ground, shaking in shock, and right next to her is someone’s corpse. He lifts the cover from his face and sees Sung-chil in a brutally beaten state, as he lies there lifeless.

He asks someone to take the old lady away and shifts his focus on the people of the market as he begins to look for a witness. However, no one is ready to speak about the perpetrator as they are in fear for their own lives. This makes it clear that it is none other than the Dongdaemun Gang’s snakes who are behind this.

Fueled with anger, Young-han and others rush to the Dongdaemun Gang’s turf and beat up the goons to reach their leader- Viper. Young-han makes sure that it is Viper who hits him first before beginning his full-blown attacks on the man who killed Sung-chil. He hits him until Viper is unconscious after which they begin looking for evidence to prove his crime.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5 still

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Unfortunately, they find nothing, not even the murder weapon. Young-han doesn’t give up and takes Viper to the station directly, unaware that one of Viper’s goons has already gone to Lee Jung-jae for his help. Young-han begins investigating Viper in the station and gets a confession out of him at gunpoint, but right then Viper’s goons arrive and give their alibi that Viper was with them the whole night.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Choi calls the Unit 1 team and reprimands them for harassing an innocent citizen. This makes Young-han scoff while Superintendent Choi announces his punishment for the team. Right then, Chief Yoo intercepts and tells them to leave before getting into a private discussion with Superintendent Choi.

Later, Chief Yoo tells them that he has handled everything and while the group cannot attack the Dongdaemun Gang again, they can continue their investigation. The team makes its way to the crime scene where they find caustic soda and nothing else. They look through every nook and cranny but find nothing. When they begin to leave, Young-han looks back into the rice cake store and reminisces about the days they spent with the young one.

The team then gather at the bookstore where Nan-sil cries for Sung-chil and suggests getting an autopsy done on his corpse. Young-han is reluctant about this but speaks to the old lady about the same the next day. Filled with the wish to get justice for her grandson, the old lady gives her permission to get an autopsy done on Sung-chil’s corpse.

Soon, the team arrives at the National Forensic Service Centre and begins the autopsy. The doctor present explains to the team how Sung-chil was attacked and concludes that he was attacked by three people; two held him in one place while the third stabbed him. Soon after the autopsy is done, Sung-chil is buried with good wishes from his grandmother, a book by Nan-sil and the pair of shoes Young-han bought for him.

The team once again gathers together and while it is clear who the perpetrators are, the team needs evidence. The murder weapon is described to Chief Yoo who identifies it as the weapon given to Viper by Lee Jung-jae. He tells them to prioritise finding this weapon as it’s crucial for the case.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5 still

Upon reaching the boarding house, Young-han finds out that his housemate is indulging in some cult and remembers how one of Viper’s subordinates is in the same cult. He brings this point out the next day and decides to use the leader of the cult to manipulate Viper’s subordinates- Rattlesnake, to help them find the weapon.

The team then goes to the cult where they see Rattlesnake enthusiastically taking part in the happenings of the cult. They later get hold of the cult leader and get him to play a part in scaring Rattlesnake so that he would bring the weapon to them. The cult leader has no choice but to accept their demand and soon the team scares Rattlesnake by making accidents happen around him.

Rattlesnake then comes face-to-face with the cult leader who tells him to bring the murder weapon in an eerie manner that makes him rush to the place where the weapon was hidden. As he gets busy digging the site, Young-han and his team arrive there and succeed in finding the weapon by the next morning.

They then rush to get Viper back in their custody, unaware that Lee Jung-jae has managed to make sure that no arrest warrant would be released against Dongdaemun Gang. The team soon reaches the station where Viper is once again released and this time he confesses to Young-han that it was indeed him who killed Sung-chil.

He is unable to let go of this failure and makes his way to the bookstore where Hye-ju finds him sitting outside. She brings him inside and he finally breaks down due to his incompetency for not being able to give Sung-chil justice. He tells her how he should have collected evidence before rushing to capture Viper.

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Later, he returns home where his housemate asks him to join them for some drinks as their other housemate has once again failed his examination. The group soon gets drunk and Young-han pours out his frustration to which his roommate tells him that if their system cannot punish the man then he should get another country to punish the man.

This sparks a newfound hope in Young-han and the next day, he tells his team of a plan to get the U.S. involved in capturing Viper. Soon, the team heads out to disrupt Viper’s groundbreaking ceremony of a building. The team doesn’t waste too long and gets into a fight with the goons.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5 still

Meanwhile, Hye-hu and Nam-sil inform the U.S. military about the U.S. citizen being beaten up by thugs and the military police soon head to the scene. Viper is shocked to see the U.S. military police there and Young-han tells him that they are here as he harmed one of their citizens.

The man whom Viper unintentionally harmed is none other than Steve who promised to help Young-han and his team previously. With this incident, Young-han gets Viper into the U.S. military’s custody for a few hours and this news soon makes its way to Lee Jung-jae. Having been in the middle of signing a document with the Korean military commander for the supply of weapons, this news puts Lee Jung-jae in a bad light.

While he still gets the deal, Jung-jae is angered by Viper’s act. Right then he is told that Young-han has arrived to visit him. Young-han meets Jung-jae and presents him with a proposal to give up on Viper or have news of his subordinate published in the newspaper. Soon, as Viper steps out of the U.S. military prison, Young-han greets him once again and presents the warrant papers before taking him into custody.

The evidence is presented, a confession is made, and soon this news spreads all over town as it brings Sung-chil the justice he deserves. As Young-han remembers Sung-chil’s wish to see a bright future for the country, he finally leaves the young one to rest in peace. Elsewhere, Jung-jae sends the military supplies to be traded illegally, however, the delivery fails when a group of beggars and Kyeong-hwan attack the man and take over the supplies.

The news of the same breaks out causing problems for Jung-jae while the military commander is severely reprimanded. Meanwhile, news of huge donations being made in orphanages across Seoul makes it to headlines while Young-han celebrates with Unit 1. The team then questions Chief Yoo about the dirt he has on Superintendent Choi that makes the latter bend.

Chief Yoo reveals the reason why Superintendent Choi got his position and is ready to spread it everywhere if Superintendent Choi doesn’t control himself. The drinking party soon ends and while Chief Yoo separates from the team, Jung-jae suddenly appears and offers Young-han to joining him. Young-han refuses the offer without fear of what the man in front of him can do.

The group then goes for another round of food and drinks where Young-han asks about proposing to women. It is clear whom he is talking about and while the others are supportive of him, Ho-jeong works hard in suppressing his feelings. The next day, Young-han doesn’t waste too long and proposes to Hye-ju, letting her know of the tough times she will have to face as his wife.

Hye-jun accepts his proposal with a smile and the two soon get married. Soon, it is 1960 and reforms begin to take place and the angered public is not ready to be oppressed any longer. Meanwhile, Nam-sil applies for the police department and is soon accepted as an officer.

As things seem to slowly calm down for the team, another tragedy hits when Chief Yoo is attacked by three men in the middle of the night.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5still

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 5 Review

We have reached the halfway mark already and with the show taking such intense turns, I can say that I am sure to not be satisfied with just 10 episodes. With each episode hitting a different benchmark, we can say that this show has stood out in its way in 2024.

These episodes prove why the show’s sequel was such a hit in the 1970s-80s because we are surely not ready to give up after only 10 episodes. Chief Detective 1958 has proven itself worth the watch with every episode and with Lee Je-hoon putting up such an amazing performance with his co-stars, even 20 episodes will be less at this point.

Altogether, this show is surely proving itself with each passing week and I am excited to see what the next episode brings to the show!

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