Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 Recap & Review: Young-han Meets His Past!

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 Recap and Review: Chief Yu is attacked and Unit 1 is ready for revenge, but what if the perpetrator is someone who is not easy to touch? Directed by Kim Sung-hoon, the drama stars Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Woo-sung, Yoon Hyun-soo, Seon Eun-soo, and Choi Deok-moon, alongside other cast members.

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Chief Detective 1958 (수사반장 1958) is a new Korean action thriller bringing the events in the life of detective Park Young-han, who teams up with his colleagues at a new Police Station to fight corruption. The drama is a prequel to the legendary Korean drama Chief Inspector which entertained the audience for 18 years.

-Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 Recap

The episode opens up in the present times when the old Young-han is watching the news report of a criminal whom the police failed to capture after finding his whereabouts for the first time in four months. As the police’s incompetency is highlighted in the news report, Young-han’s grandson arrives and pours his regret in front of his grandfather.

Witnessing the young one’s frustration, Young-han is reminded of the time when he too faced a similar situation back in the day. He tells his grandson to remain persistent in such situations and not give up on being tenacious. Only in this way would he be able to capture the people who deserve to be put in prison.

The scene shifts to 1961 when the law decides to execute the gangsters who bring chaos to the lives of ordinary citizens. This included Lee Jung-jae who was the head of the Dongdaemun Gang. Meanwhile, Young-han and his team are busy catching crooks in town who are contaminating the food with cheap things and selling it to the public.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 still

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The beggars once again help them catch these crooks, and they take them back to the station which is flooded with rebels. All the teams in the station are busy capturing rebels who are against reform and accepting the new world, however, Young-han and his team are busy catching people who are harming the public.

Elsewhere, Superintendent Choi has his eyes set on ex-Commander Baek Do-seok, whom he sees as his successor at the police station while he makes his way to the National Police. Do-seok is excited by this plan and asks what it is that he needs to do to get this position.

Soon, the scene shifts to Unit 1 gathered together for drinks as they talk about Superintendent Choi’s flourishing career. Chief Yu is especially frustrated as he doesn’t want a pro-Japanese to get to a higher position and wishes to bring down his career as soon as possible. After a night of drinks and taking out their anger, the group soon disperses, unaware that tragedy is soon to hit one of them.

On his way back, Chief Yu is attacked by Do-seok and two others who leave him bleeding profusely on the street until a passerby takes him to the hospital. Elsewhere, Young-han shares how he feels after the news of the criminals’ execution with Hye-ju and wonders if he needs to become more ruthless so that criminals don’t go to the extent of getting such punishment.

Hye-ju understands his thoughts and tells him that only his kindness can bring in a better world and that’s what he needs to stick to instead of trying to be someone else. He laughs at her comment and tells her that he is not kind, but Hye-ju begs to differ as she recalls all his deeds until now.

As the two share a laugh, the door suddenly bangs and it is Ho-jeong who is here to inform Young-han about Chief Yu’s incident. The two then rush to the hospital where Young-han sees an unconscious Chief Yu. The team is in distress seeing his situation while Sang-sun cries how it must have been the Dongdaemun Gang who should have been behind this.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 still

The doctor soon comes out and informs them that Chief Yu has lost a lot of blood and they cannot be sure how long it would take for him to wake up. This breaks the team into tears as they wish for Chief Yu to be all right. The next day, news of this incident spreads and the team is ready to take action. However, they have learnt their lesson in all these years and don’t jump to conclusions but patiently look into the case.

The team divides into two and heads to investigate the Dongdaemun Gang, however, they soon realise that this was not something that a gang like theirs could have done. While investigating, Rattlesnake even points out to Young-han that the precision of the attack was something that someone from the military could have done.

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This makes Young-han assured that it is not the Dongdaemun Gang who could’ve done this, bringing them back to square one. Meanwhile, everyone at the station is excited as Choi Dol-sik has been promoted while their station is soon to get a new Superintendent. They are all asked to be present to welcome the new superintendent but this makes Young-han lose his cool as he questions their reaction towards Chief Yu’s incident.

He scolds everyone present there who only shows fake concern for Chief Yu and storms out of there along with the other Unit 1 members. The next day, everyone is present to welcome the new superintendent and Young-han receives a shock when he sees that it is none other than the man under whom he was once a student soldier.

It is the then Captain Baek Do-seok who is now his superior at the station. The ruthless man is back in his life and Young-han makes it a point to let the man know who he is and about their past. However, Do-seok has already recognised Young-han and is eager to bring him under his wing until he finds out that Young-han is not too fond of him.

Upon understanding Young-han’s motive, Do-seok makes it a point to let him know that he is yet to grow and that dwelling in the past will only get him into trouble. The world has now changed and it would be better for Young-han to change as well, or else his condition will be different than Chief Yu’s.

With this, Do-seok sends Young-han away who then goes to his team and tells them about what has happened. They are surprised by this and wonder why such people get to such positions. As they sigh at the situation, Young-han gets back to Chief Yu and asks them if they found anything related to him.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 still

While they all give him a negative answer, the cupboard in the room suddenly opens and Nan-sil sitting inside gives them the information that they need. While they are all surprised by her presence, she tells them that Chief Song of Unit 3 has been following Chief Yu every time he writes a letter and heads out.

This makes them curious about what Chief Yu has been up to and they soon trap Chief Song into spilling the beans to them. Chief Song asks them to meet him somewhere else and later that night, the team meets with Chief Song at the bookstore. Meanwhile, Do-seok is taken to another gathering by Choi Dol-sik where he meets some powerful people and begins fawning over them.

Elsewhere, Chief Song tells the team that Chief Yu had been part of the special forces who were investigating the pro-Japanese and Choi Dol-sik was one of them. Upon finding out that Choi Dol-sik was going to get promoted, he began sending letters to the Supreme Council for National Reconstruction to blow the whistle about Choi Dol-sik and the Sinkwang Society.

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He persistently sent these letters until his words were heard, however, the Sinkwang Society members who were on higher posts intercepted them and were furious. This is why Chief Yu was attacked and it was CHoi Dol-sik who planned this so that his promotion would go smoothly.

Hearing this, Chief Song escapes from there as he doesn’t want to be a part of their discussion. The team sees him flee and are left frustrated as they know the perpetrators but are unable to do anything for the time being. They turn to Young-han to get guidance and he tells them that no one is to do anything at the moment.

However, the next day Young-han makes his way to the National Police where he arrests Choi Dol-sik to question him regarding Chief Yu’s accident. Meanwhile, Do-seok makes his way to Chief Yu to make up for a good image and meets Hye-ju who is taking care of Chief Yu. Right then someone comes to inform him about Young-han’s actions and he rushes out.

At the station, a tied-up Young-han stands in front of Choi Dol-sik, Do-seok and everyone else as he reveals that Choi Dol-sik is a suspect and Young-han has the right to question him. Do-seok interrupts him and tells him that Dol-sik cannot be a suspect as Chief Yu has yet to wake up.

Right then, the door opens and Hye-ju enters with none other than Chief Yu.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 still

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 has brought us an unexpected start as we are brought back to the present which was undoubtedly a surprise to us all. However, this surprise was beautiful as we once again got to see the real legend on screen and Lee Je-hoon as the grandson of this very legend.

Meanwhile, this episode may have seemed like a filler for the most part, but it was still worth the wait. We have seen a drastic growth in Young-han and his team this weekend where it began with still immature detectives to the now experienced detectives with a special sense of patience.

Altogether, this episode was surely an experience to behold as we slowly move towards the end of the show and with so much more to happen.

What did you think about this episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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