‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 8: Lee Je Hoon’s Team Deals With Two Juvenile Cases

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“Chief Detective 1958” Episode 8 revisited the Juvenile Act before being reformed in 1953.

Headlined by Lee Je Hoon, who plays as Park Young Han, the MBC series is a prequel to the iconic 1971 soap opera “Chief Inspector,” portrayed by veteran actor Choi Bool An.

In “Chief Detective 1958,” the Korean action thriller focuses on Young Han before he became the legendary chief at Jongnam Police. In hopes of bringing back order in the city, he teams up with his colleagues to fight corruption.

Joining Lee Je Hoon as lead stars are Lee Dong Hwi, Choi Woo Sung, and Yoon Hyun Soo.

“Chief Detective 1958” also showcases Park Young Han’s love story with his loving wife, Lee Hae Joo, played by Seo Eun Soo.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 8 Rating: Drama Witnesses Major Increse in Viewership

Chief Detective 1958
Chief Detective 1958

With only a few weeks left till the finale, “Chief Detective 1958” episode 8 received a major boost in ratings.

In a report, the May 11 broadcast garnered an average nationwide rating of 9.7 percent, marking its highest viewership rating to date for a Saturday episode.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 8 Recap: Jongnam Police’s Unit 1 Pushes for the Reformation of Juvenile Cases

With Chief Yu returning to Unit 1, the team faced two challenging cases involving different cases of juvenile incidents.

Park Young Han, along with Seo Ho Jeong, worked on the murder case while Kim Sang Hoon and Cho Kyung Hwan investigated the Self-Reliance Pioneer Corps.

As the country began a new reform, the Self-Reliance Pioneer Corps hired youths to help fulfill the country’s needs. One of their main tasks was to plow the land.

Since being in the organization was a highly regarded role, several youths wanted to become part of it.

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However, authorities received a series of complaints about attacks involving these youths.

Meanwhile, Park Young Han and Seo Ho Jeong began their investigation by looking into the involvement of the alleged boyfriend of the deceased.

The victim was a widow who was seeing her new boyfriend, whom she dated one year after her husband died.

Kim Man Soo, the victim’s son, found the lifeless body of his mother and reported it to the police.

As Park Young Han worked on the case, the clues led them to suspect the boyfriend.

However, it seemed like he was framed up since the evidence did not match him.

Here, Park Young Han expressed suspicion over the victim’s son. He discovered that he was also present when his father died.

After the interrogation, they found out that it was him who killed his mother, as well as his father, because of his interest in the land that he would be getting.

Since he was only 14, he pointed out that he was considered a juvenile offender and would be sentenced to “protective dispositions.”

These individuals were subject to reformation. While those aged 15 and up would be punished through protective dispositions or official punishment.

Interestingly, Park Young Han found a loophole in the incident. While Kim Min Soo claimed that he would be 14 in 6 months, he was still considered under the juvenile act.

However, based on Man Soo’s homeroom teacher, he was older than his classmate, making it the right age to receive punishment.

In the last scene of “Chief Detective 1958,” Lee Hae Joo revealed to her husband, Young Han, that they would be parents soon.