Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 Recap & Review: Two Case Involving Juveniles!

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 7 Recap and Review: A new case involving juveniles leaves Unit 1 both shocked and saddened. Directed by Kim Sung-hoon, the drama stars Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Woo-sung, Yoon Hyun-soo, Seon Eun-soo, and Choi Deok-moon, alongside other cast members.

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Chief Detective 1958 (수사반장 1958) is a new Korean action thriller bringing the events in the life of detective Park Young-han, who teams up with his colleagues at a new Police Station to fight corruption. The drama is a prequel to the legendary Korean drama Chief Inspector which entertained the audience for 18 years.

-Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 Recap

A new age of reform has begun in the country as the Self Reliance Pioneer Corps begins to hire youths from all over the country to plough the lands and fulfil the country’s needs. Seen as a highly regarded role, many youths rush to be a part of this reform and live a better life. However, the streets of the city aren’t as safe when a report of three men being attacked is brought to Unit 1 the next day.

Meanwhile, Young-han is worried for Hye-ju as she feels insecure due to not getting pregnant yet. As he worries about his wife and what his children will have to face in the future, Ho-jeong rushes with the report about the three men who have been assaulted overnight. Right then, another report of a murder arrives and the team decides to split and investigate the cases.

Chief Yu is annoyed by how the other units are busying themselves with menial tasks while they are flooded with work. The team soon splits into two and Young-han heads to investigate the murder with Ho-jeong while Sang-sun goes with Kyeong-hwan to check on the assaults. Upon reaching the scene, Young-han and Ho-jeong are told that a woman was murdered and it was her son who reported the murder in the morning.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 still

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The two head inside and see that someone brutally murdered the woman by stabbing her multiple times. Young-han asks if there’s anything else that forensic detectives have found. He is told that the woman has been stabbed roughly 10-12 times and there’s another cut on her finger which is from 4-5 days back. He also tells Young-han the approximate time of death is around 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Young-han then heads out and talks to the boy only to find out that he lost his father the previous year and is suffering from a lung disease. Young-han feels bad for the boy, right then another officer arrives and takes him behind the house where they found footprints and a possible escape route. Following this, Young-han finds out from the neighbours that the woman has a boyfriend and he doesn’t wait too long before meeting the boyfriend.

Elsewhere, Sang-sun and Kyeong-hwan only found out that the attackers were using a baton-like thing to hit their target on the head. Meanwhile, Young-han meets the deceased’s boyfriend and informs him of the murder before asking him if he had any conflicts with the woman. He then asks him about his relationship with the woman’s son, Mansoo. The man tells him that it is getting better these days and the two would even go on trips.

Young-han then asks him for his address and leaves to visit the man’s place. On the other hand, Dol-sik gives Do-seok the task of sending around 20 men to act as bodyguards for the wife of the powerful to go shopping. He tells him that they need to be protected well and that some of them are also wives of men in the Sinkwang Society.

Do-seok tries to avoid this menial task as many cases are pending but Dol-sik pushes him into taking care of the task. However, Do-seok is not interested in following his orders and orders one of the chiefs to investigate the smuggling case in the mall the women are going to, hence, shutting it down for some time.

Elsewhere, Young-han finds the necessary clues that prove the boyfriend to be the murderer of the woman. He informs Man-soo about the same before arresting the man, but Man-soo is sure that it wasn’t the boyfriend who committed the murder. Seeing him like this, Young-han feels bad for the child and goes ahead with his work. Meanwhile, Sang-sun and Kyeong-hwan come across a trio who almost get into a brawl with them.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 still

However, he notices that they are carrying batons which fit the description given by one of the victims and arrest them on the spot. The two teams seem to be reaching the end of these two cases, however, they are soon shocked when everything takes a turn. Young-han asks the man to put on the blood-stained shirt found in his house which is tight. Following this, his housemate also arrives and tells them that the man was home during the time of the murder.

Elsewhere, Self Reliance Pioneer Corps members arrive at the station and tell them that the men captured are part of their organisation and have been falsely accused. The head tells them that their members have been attacked and had their batons stolen from them. This brings both the teams back to square one and they begin their investigation once again.

Young-han makes his way to Man-soo who is in mourning at home, however, he is shocked to see the boy smiling while reading something on the paper. This makes him vary of the thought that is emerging in his mind which he tries to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, the report of Man-soo being present at the scene of his father’s accident makes his thoughts shake.

Meanwhile, Dol-sik is angered by Do-seok’s actions and reprimands him before warning him of what is to come. Elsewhere, Young-han and Ho-jeong make their way to Man-soo who is once again caught laughing at something he is reading. Ho-jeong brings the topic of his father’s death which was caused by drowning even though he was a well-known swimmer. Man-soo tells them that his father was drunk when he drowned. This confirms their suspicion as they split to check on Man-soo’s school and medical records.

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On the other hand, Nan-sil meets her friend who is working at a mill and finds out that some girls have been missing from the mill every month. She goes back to check on this case and finds out that Unit 2 had closed the case rather quickly. Later, Young-han brings up his suspicion in front of Ho-jeong and Chief Yu and when the former asks him about the blood found on the boyfriend’s shirt, Young-han remembers the cut on the deceased’s finger.

He then heads out with Ho-jeong to catch the boy who is the real perpetrator and brings the boy back to the police station. Elsewhere, Sang-sun also devises a plan to catch the assaulters and dresses up like a rich drunk man. The two finally manage to capture the three assaulters and are shocked to see the young men.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 still

The two teams begin investigating and Man-soo doesn’t waste too long before confessing his crimes which leaves Young-han and Ho-jeong shocked as they see no remorse on his face. Man-soo not only doesn’t show any remorse but is also aware that he wouldn’t be punished as the juvenile laws will protect him. This angers the two as they lock him up in a cell.

Elsewhere, Sang-sun and Kyeong-hwan are shocked that the boys in front of them are part of the Self Reliance Pioneer Corps. They reveal that the Corps is a scam as they not only brand them with numbers but also torture them daily, with no regard for their lives or deaths. The assaults they did were a way of rebelling against the Corps that was set up by the government only to harm them.

The two are shocked by this and ask them for every detail related to the Corps. Meanwhile, Man-soo is let go as he is too young to be kept in prison. However, Young-han and Ho-jeong follow him as he returns home and finally stop in an empty alley. There, Young-han tells him that it is now their turn to set up a scene wherein Man-soo will be accused of harming them with a knife which then forced Young-han to shoot him with a gun.

Young-han then takes out a gun and points it at Man-soo who asks to be let go in exchange for sharing half of his father’s property. Young-han understands that the boy will never have any remorse for his actions and reveals to Man-soo that he was trying to give him a last chance to make up for his mistakes, but Man-soo failed to do so.

He then reveals to Man-soo that according to his birth certificate, he is one year older than he assumes and thus, cannot be protected by law. With this, the two take him back to prison to be punished by law. Later, Sang-sun tells the team about his findings and Young-han tells them that if the government does not help compensate the boys, they will find a way to punish the wrong people.

With this, Unit 1 heads to the Self Reliance Pioneer Corps office where the head is punishing a group of boys. Young-han and his team threaten the Corps that if ever hears of them continuing to abuse kids then he will forget about the National Project that is going on and jail the ones mistreating the children. The team then frees the boys in the room and Young-han shoots a bullet at the board behind the head to let them know that he is not throwing empty threats.

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Meanwhile, Dol-sik is arrested by investigators for various crimes outside the police station as Do-seok finds himself a stronger support. Elsewhere, Hye-ju breaks the news of her pregnancy to Young-han who is overjoyed. Soon, laws related to juvenile crimes are changed to punish the criminals who deserve punishment irrespective of their age.

On the other hand, far from the city, a man finds a corpse in the woods covered in a cloth with the name of the mill where Nan-sil’s friend works.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8
Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 still

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 Review

Another episode comes to an end and this show is proving to get better each passing week with its plot, action, characters, and the change that took place in the 1960s. Every episode brings forth a case that is related to the change that took place all over the nation back in the 1960s which brings forth a fresh breeze of air for both historical genre fans and thriller fans.

Making the prequel of a legendary show as Chief Detective is surely not an easy task, but to make it this interesting is something only a selected few can do. The show is truly shining at the moment as it picks up our curiosity towards the original show which is set to continue the story we are watching right now.

Altogether, I love how intriguing this show gets with each passing week and with the upcoming week being its last; I am both eager and sad for the next two episodes.

What did you think about this episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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