‘Chief Detective 1958’ Episode 9: :Lee Je Hoon Launches Final Attack to Catch the Culprit

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“Chief Detective 1958” showcased another challenging case for Lee Je Hoon and the rest of the Jongnam Police Unit 2.

Amid the continued success of the case, it seemed that the senior superintendent was using his position to protect private individuals. At this point, the detectives tried to break the system by exposing the truth to the public.

Based on the long-running K-drama “Chief Inspector,” which aired in 1971, MBC introduces a prequel that follows the journey of the iconic detective Park Young Han, played by Lee Je Hoon.

Meanwhile, as the crime suspense drama nears its finale, “Chief Detective 1958” episode 9 achieved a remarkable success in ratings.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Viewership

In a report, Nielsen Korea recorded an average nationwide rating of 9.3 percent for the drama’s 9th episode.

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With this, the MBC series has maintained its status as the most-watched show in its time slot.

Will Lee Je Hoon’s drama “Chief Detective 1958” bounced back to a double-digit rating in the finale episode, surpassing the TV show’s highest at 10.8 percent during the third episode.

‘Chief Detective 1958′ Episode 9 Recap: Park Young Han Goes Against the High-Ranking Officials’ Kids

The 9th episode showcased a new case for unit investigation team 1.

Bong Nan Sil introduced her friend, Lee Jang Ha, to the team and told them about the missing women who worked at the textile factory where she was also working.

The rookie policewoman also mentioned that her friend went to team 2, but they dismissed the case despite not digging into it. This prompted Park Young Han to reopen the case and work on it.

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One of the pieces of information that they got was from a female textile worker at the textile store. He was told that the owner’s son, Kwon Hyung Geun, would often call for a meeting, and after it, he would “choose” a girl, and that person would go missing.

Park Young Han invited Kwon Hyung Geun to the station, but he resisted, which made Team 1 drag him to their headquarters. After learning about the incident, Baek Do Seok, who is the protector of the high-ranking officials’ kids, got furious and called out Park Young Han.

Obviously, he is trying to protect the kid and cover up his mess, but it didn’t stop Team 1 from investigating.

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They got a tip that a woman was found dead in the mountains and confirmed that it was Lee Jang Ha’s missing friend.

The whole team was crushed after the family went to see the dead body of her daughter and blamed herself for her daughter’s fate, but Park Young Han promised that they would catch the culprit.

As the investigation continues, Park Young Han got vital information from Mokryeongak owner, who revealed that out of all the high-ranking officials’ kids, it was Jung Hee Sung who is the most scumbag since he would beat the girls and would do drugs in one of their rooms.

As Team 1 worked on the case, they received a call regarding a car crash.

The group was stunned after seeing three out of the four member groups become victims. Two died, while one is in a critical condition. This also means that Jung Hee Sung was not with them when it all happened, making Young Han suspicious of Hee Sung.

In the last scene in “Chief Detective 1958” episode 9, Young Han wanted to save Nam Jung Gil from Hee Sung’s attempt to cover up the case by silencing his friends.

Will Park Young Han help the victims get the justice they deserve and put Hee Sung behind bars?