“Chief Detective 1958” Showrunners Reveal Watching Points That Viewers Can Anticipate

The production team of Chief Detective 1958 put their trust in Lee Je Hoon and Lee Dong Hwi.

They promise a story more reckless than the original, but it’s more romantic and the witty chemistry is also a point to watch.

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To be aired for the first time on April 19, Chief Detective 1958 follows Detective Park Young-han, who specializes in apprehending petty thieves in an era of barbarism. It depicts the story of a team with three unique colleagues who are reborn as detectives for the people by breaking down the absurdities of corrupt power with common sense.

Interestingly, the setting would be the days when crimes were solved solely with innate sense, insight, and tenacity, without profiling or the usual CCTV. This retro crime investigation drama, filled with the romance and joy of analog investigation, offers a unique narrative to the younger generation and a different kind of fun and emotion to the generation that remembers the activities of Chief Inspector Park.

A week before the first broadcast, director Kim Seong-hoon, writers Kim Young-shin, and Park Jae-beom directly answered questions about the drama.

Working together on the prequel of a legendary national drama, the creative team unanimously felt honored.

“It is an honor.” Director Kim expressed his honest thoughts. “Rather than worry, I readily expressed my intention to participate, feeling honored and excited. After making the decision, I felt the weight of it while preparing for production. I realized that this is content that has become a legend not only for me but for all of the people.”

Writer Kim said, “I received the offer as a great opportunity. I couldn’t believe that I would be participating in the prequel to a monumental work, and knowing that writer Jay Park, whom I respect, would join me, I was determined to do it no matter what.”

Writer Park, who joined as a creator, said, “Recently, there have been many cases where provocative investigative works have caused discomfort, but I was confident that Chief Detective 1958 would be able to provide enough fun without being provocative and unpleasant.”

A work ahead of its time

Conveying their thoughts about the original drama, Director Kim asserts how the original ‘Investigation Chief” was more than a drama. It dealt with a lot of actual events, so it had a documentary or news-like function, and it also played the role of a hero story that solved the pain and damage of the common people in a heavy social situation.

Writer Kim highlights the message that resonates in Chief Detective 1958.

The writer expressed how the insight into ‘humanity’ discussed in the original work was also needed in today’s society because there has been a breakdown in respect and trust for each other.

Lastly, Writer Park defines the merit of the series by saying it was a work that was already ahead of its time by 50 years, as the origin of the Korean investigative genre and the season-based drama.”

Directing x Writing Points

Director Kim worked hard to embody the historical setting of the late 50s and early 60s.

After the war, it was a time when a lot of Western culture came in, but it was also a time when a lot of the old things still remained. In the photos, I was engrossed to see an old man wearing a hat, a young man wearing a suit, and a car driving next to an ox cart. So, in art, I saw things like this. I tried to mix the combinations well and tried to use a variety of colors without being consistent.”

Writer Kim said, “It seemed almost impossible to catch the criminal in an environment where there was no DNA detection, CCTV or recording evidence. However, I thought that under such adverse conditions, it could provide a different kind of fun from modern investigative dramas. There could not have been a more excellent time to show off the extraordinary side of Captain Park in his youth as he overcomes crises with his innate sense, sparkling wit, and tenacious investigative skills.”

Writer Park emphasized ‘newtro’. He said, “The biggest focus of this work was to create a work that could encompass the generation that watched the original work and the generation that does not know Chief Park. So, rather than a retro that only gives nostalgia and memories, it is unfamiliar and interesting. We added a lot of newtro-like elements.”

The production team’s trust in the actors was absolute. Director Kim said, “Lee Je Hoon’s face has an exquisite mix of classicism and modernity. It matched well with the concept of our drama. At first, I thought I was fortunate to work with Lee Je Hoon, but looking back now, I wonder what would have happened if it had happened. He continued, “Lee Dong Hwi has the charm of making anything look real. I was grateful for that when working on the movie Confidential Assignment. That’s why I decided to work with him on this project as well. Because I thought he was an actor who could make that era and the characters real.”

He also expressed his gratitude to newcomers Choi Woo Sung and Yoon Hyun Soo, who joined through auditions. Director Kim said, “Choi Woo Sung joined shortly after filming, and I was grateful to him for working with us more passionately than anyone else, even putting on weight by more than 20 kg to recreate the appearance of the late teacher Cho Kyung-hwan. I think it touched my heart even more because I knew he would have done it.”

Differences From Original Work

When asked about the differences from the original work, Director Kim expressed caution, saying, “It is true that some comparisons are burdensome. You can experience a youth that we didn’t know about. Sometimes they make mistakes and fall short, but their birth story of enduring and growing with an unwavering heart is what sets them apart.

Writer Kim said, “I tried to embody the passion, dilemma, and deep friendship of the young, energetic detectives. You will be able to see a chemistry that is more reckless but romantic and witty than the characters in the original work. How did Park Young-han become the head of the humanist investigation team?” It will be fun to watch the growth of the hero, whether he will be worthy of it.”

Writer Park also said, “It’s literally the fun of a ‘prequel,’” and pointed out the differentiating factors, including “Captain Park Young-han’s origins and love story, Detective Kim Sang-soon’s wisdom and bravery, and Detective Jo Kyung-hwan and Detective Seo Ho-jeong’s fateful introduction to the police.

Chief Detective 1958 premieres at 9:50 pm on Friday, April 19. International fans can watch it on Disney+!


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