‘Chief Detective 1958’ Teaser Highlights Lee Je Hoon, Lee Dong Hwi’s Unbeatable Team-Up

MBC continues to tease viewers with the upcoming K-drama “Chief Detective 1958,” starring Lee Je Hoon. 

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In the latest still cuts, the network featured the actor’s team-up with Lee Dong Hwi as they take on the unbeatable duo.

Based on the long-running classic Korean series “Chief Inspector,” which aired from 1971 to 1989, MBC introduced the prequel “Chief Detective 1958,” with Lee Je Hoon playing the iconic character Chief Detective Park Young Han. 

The series will focus on Park Young Han’s early years as a detective. 

His determination to go after the criminals boosted the arrest rate at Jongnam Police Station. 

In addition, Park Young Han is joined by highly skilled colleagues, among which is Kim Sang Soon, played by Lee Dong Hwi. 

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Teaser Feature Lee Dong Hwi and Lee Je Hoon’s Chemistry

In the latest teaser, “Chief Detective 1958” highlights the chemistry between two detectives. 

Since Park Young Han was newly transferred to Jongnam Police Station, it was Kim Sang Soon who warmly welcomed him to the team. 

Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)
Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)
Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)

In a report, Lee Je Hoon talks about his working relationship with Lee Dong Hwi, with whom he has a strong connection, despite his first time working with him. 

“We had a lot of conversations through this project, and he was a colleague who gave me more strength than anyone else.”

In addition, the actor also highlighted his co-star’s personality off camera. 

“It was delightful and fun to see a different side of actor Lee Dong Hwi through the character Kim Sang Soon,” he said, adding that the set was “filled with laughter” because of their chemistry. 

As for Lee Dong Hwi, the actor revealed that he learned a lot from Lee Je Hoon, adding, “I thought, ‘I want to be a senior like him,'” expressing his respect to his co-star. 

Other than the duo, the “Chief Detective 1958” cast also boasts a roster of talented stars. 

‘Chief Detective 1958’ Cast and Release Date

Helmed by Kim Sung Hoon of “Rampant” and “Confidential Assignment 1,” the upcoming action crime series also stars Choi Woo Sung as Cho Kyung Hwan, one of Park Young Han’s colleagues. 

Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)

In addition, Yoon Hyun Soo takes on the role of Seo Ho Jeong, while Seo Eun Soo plays 

Lee Hae Joo is from the Jongnam Police Station. 

Other than an amazing lineup of main characters, “Chief Detective 1958” will also feature a special appearance by Choi Bool Am, who will reprise his role as Park Young Han. 

Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)

Joining him are veteran actors Lee Soon Jae and Park Geun Hyung, who are part of the original series “Chief Inspector.”

Viewers get to see Lee Je Hoon play another interesting role as “Chief Inspector 1958” premieres on April 19 at 9:50 p.m. KST.