Children of chaebols trickle into K-Pop

 Article: “He’s a chaebol’s son?” handsome visuals catch attention

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Source: Han via Naver

[+1,411, -16] They have the financial support to be able to pursue whatever they want in life

[+445, -26] It’s so sad how we’ve gone from idolizing royalty to chaebols now. Humans truly never change, past or present.

[+181, -6] Even if their groups flop, they still have something to fall back on…

[+156, -25] Must be nice to get to do whatever you want with your life

[+135, -52] None of these chaebol kids have to study at all…

– [+12, -2] Is an education necessary at that point? 

– [+16, -1] Tons of educated chaebol kids, Jung Yookyung’s daughter went to Columbia, Ham Yeonji’s went to NYU, Choi Taewon’s nephew is also at some Ivy League ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– [+8, -1] Chaebol kids are actually more educated than regular kids

[+60, -4] I wonder where these kids would’ve ended up if not born into chaebol families? 

[+43, -0] The rest of us dirt spoons are headed straight to hell if we flop in life, but these chaebol kids can try and try and try again with all the freedom in the world

[+24, -0] Jealous that they don’t have to suffer the financial strain of a nugu period and have somewhere to go back to if their group flops

[+16, -0] Life is unfair from the moment of birth. Unfair that these guys are able to do whatever they want with no risk of failure.

Source: Naver

[+642, -23] We’ve reached a world where even chaebol kids want to be clowns now!!

[+495, -7] Quite ironic considering just a few decades ago, Shinsegye was up in arms over Go Hyun Jung marrying into the family just because she’s a celebrity

[+195, -68] The rest of our kids don’t stand a chance

[+111, -4] I remember Shinsegye looked down on Go Hyun Jung so hard for being a celebrity but now their own flesh and blood is out there trying to become one ㅋㅋ

[+39, -0] It’s so sad that one person’s desperate dream is just a hobby to someone else..

[+31, -0] I highly doubt that these chaebol kids are able to handle the idol life. You really expect them to have to endure smiling through a fan signing, having fans all over them on the streets, not being able to sleep? I bet you they 100000% quit in the middle.

[+21, -0] Imagine being rich enough to just set up your own agency if you don’t get admitted into one ㅋㅋ

[+13, -0] The rich are just taking it all

[+9, -1] Lucky for them to be blessed with nice parents ㅜㅜ I feel bad for my own son

[+8, -0] After all that posturing they did to Go Hyun Jung… now their granddaughter is becoming an even more annoying idol… what a world we live in.