ChoA’s Untold Struggles After Leaving AOA Unveiled — ‘I Was Really Lost About What to Do with My Life’

In a recent interaction with singer Sung Si-kyung, former AOA member ChoA shared insights into her life following her departure from the popular girl group.

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The conversation, captured in a video uploaded on Sung Si-kyung’s YouTube channel, took place at a restaurant in Seongsu-dong, offering viewers a candid glimpse into ChoA’s current situation.

When asked about her present circumstances, ChoA revealed:

“I’ve been preparing properly for my album while also doing YouTube. I felt like I hadn’t prepared my albums properly, so I’m working on that.”

(Photo : Youtube)

She also mentioned enjoying listening to music while drinking, reminiscing about her younger days.

Reflecting on her emotions, ChoA admitted:

“I’ve been feeling really down lately. Even after coming back, there’s no stable position for me. It’s not like I’m going to act after being an idol. So I was really lost about what to do with my life.”

Expressing her desire to delve into songwriting and composing, ChoA added:

(Photo : Youtube)

“What I’ve recently realized is that it’s very attractive for an artist to tell their own story through lyrics.”

She also voiced concerns about her role as a main vocalist in AOA and the challenges of aging in the industry.

Sung Si-kyung offered advice, suggesting that releasing songs quickly could help ChoA find clarity and direction in her musical journey.

Meanwhile, Former AOA member ChoA recently made a comeback to the entertainment industry after a three-year hiatus, during which she battled mental health issues.

She opened up about her struggles on the show “On & Off,” revealing how she grappled with sadness, insomnia, and exhaustion. ChoA shared a shocking detail about using facial cleanser as body wash during her lowest point, believing she needed to lighten her skin to match her bleached hair. Despite her challenges, she learned to stand on her own and has since overcome her mental health issues.

ChoA signed with Great M Entertainment in 2020, marking her return to the industry after leaving AOA in 2017 due to mental health concerns. The agency expressed excitement to work with her and urged fans to support her upcoming projects.

You can watch the full video here.