Choi Gyu Ri Confident at ‘Marry My Husband’ Because of Park Min Young

Rookie actress Choi Gyu Ri stole the hearts of viewers with her amazing performance in “Marry My Husband.”

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Joining Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon, the 23-year-old screen stealer portrayed the role of Yoo Hee Yeon.

She works as a U&K employee but is secretly related to the chairman of the company.

Hee Yeon is also the sister of CEO Yoo Ji Hyuk, played by Na In Woo.

Interestingly, her role shined after Hee Yeon was portrayed as one of Kang Ki Won’s (Park Min Young) new friends.

In an interview with E-Daily, the rookie actress talks about what it’s like to work alongside her seniors, like Park Min Young, and her experience filming the series.

Choi Gyu Ri, Thankful for ‘Marry My Husband’

Currently managed by Hook Entertainment, Choi Gyu Ri has appeared in various K-dramas like “Behind Every Star,” “Battle for Happiness,” and more; however, she only made her on-screen debut in 2021 after joining the life drama series “Uncle,” headlined by Oh Jung Se.

In her first K-drama in 2024, Choi Gyu Ri expressed how honored and thrilled she is for the drama’s success.

Marry My Husband Choi Gyu Ri
(Photo : tvN)
Marry My Husband Choi Gyu Ri
(Photo : tvN)

“I haven’t appeared in many dramas so far, but none of them exceeded 10%, so it was surprising,” she said, expressing her happiness for the continued achievement of “Marry My Husband.”

As mentioned, she is Park Min Young’s new best friend in the hit TVN series.

Viewers were delighted to see her chemistry with the Hallyu queen, and she was even called the “national sister-in-law” because of her character.

According to the rookie actress, she learned to embrace the role because she and Hee Yeon have some similarities.

“At first, I was confused about how to portray Hee Yeon’s character, but when I saw her bright, easy-going, and confident appearance,” she mentioned, adding, “I tried to vent Hee Yeon’s energy by taking it.”

The actress also shared that she makes her lines sound like they’re from Shakespeare’s, but she ensures to make them bright and funny like the character.

“I tried to make these lines interesting, and fortunately, people enjoyed it, so I was grateful and proud.”

Interestingly, Choi Gyu Ri revealed that Park Min Young also played a big role in why she was able to pull off such a bold character.

“It is meaningful because we have been working together for a long time, from beginning to end,” she said, revealing her working relationship with the Hallyu queen.

Choi Gyu Ri Talks About Park Min Young’s Ability to Spot Good Dramas

On top of that, Gyu Ri said that she “had some expectations” from the drama because she knew “it would do well because Park Min Young is good at choosing projects.”

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN )

Airing every Monday and Tuesday, “Marry My Husband” is a webtoon-based K-drama that depicts the story of a revenge-driven wife named Kang Ji Won.

Amid her health struggles, she found out that her husband, Park Min Hwan, played by Lee Yi Kyung, is cheating her with her best friend Jung Soo Min, portrayed by Song Ha Yoon.

However, she managed to change her life after being transported back in time 

This is where she meets U&K CEO Yoo Ji Hyuk, who agrees to team up with her in revenge.