Choi Gyu Ri’s Instagram Followers Quadrupled Because of ‘Marry My Husband’

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Choi Gyu Ri continues to gain popularity thanks to the tvN K-drama “Marry My Husband.”

Playing the role of Park Min Young’s on-screen best friend Yoo Hee Yeon, she works under Kang Ji Won’s department, but she is secretly related to U&K CEO Yoo Ji Hyuk, played by Na In Woo.

Other than the lead stars’ stellar performances, Choi Gyu Ri stole the hearts of viewers with her bubbly and fun character.

Interestingly, the tvN webtoon-based K-drama helped her grow her popularity as well as her social media following.

Choi Gyu Ri’s Instagram Went From 4 to 6 Digits Because of ‘Marry My Husband’

In an interview with a local media outlet, the rookie actress revealed her experience during and after the filming of “Marry My Husband.”

Marry My Husband Choi Gyu Ri
(Photo : tvN)

According to her, she was very thrilled and honored to be part of the tvN series because she “hasn’t appeared in many dramas so far, and none of them exceeded 10 percent,” so “Marry My Husband” reaching a double-digit rating was “surprising.”

Expressing her gratitude to viewers, Choi Gyu Ri talks about the high viewership rating.

“I had no idea it would be this much,” she said, adding that the drama market is “difficult,” so not all people watch the live broadcast.

Airing every Monday and Tuesday, “Marry My Husband” airs via tvN.

Interestingly, international viewers get to see the latest episode through TVING and Prime Video; hence, the K-drama has garnered popularity even outside South Korea.

With more viewers watching the show, this also translates to Choi Gyu Ri’s Instagram following.

As she continues her interview with the local outlet, the rookie actress says that her social media has amassed huge followers since joining the series.

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“Almost all of my Instagram followers are foreign,” she said, adding that she only had 2,000 followers before but ended up with 211,000 followers and counting on Instagram.

“It’s the first time I’ve received comments from around the world,” she said, adding that some of the netizens were from South America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Thailand, and more.

Choi Gyu Ri’s Drama List

Choi Gyu Ri Marry My Husband
(Photo : Choi Gyu Ri Instagram, tvN)

Other than “Marry My Husband,” Choi Gyu Ri has appeared in various K-dramas.

Debuting in 2021, her first K-drama appearance was with Oh Jung Se and Jeon Hye Jin for “Uncle.”

Choi Gyu Ri appeared in the series as Park Sun Young’s daughter.

In addition to this, she also had a few stints in “Rookie Cops,” appearing in episodes 4 and 5.

In the same year, the 23-year-old actress joined “Behind the Star” as supporting character Sunny Lim.